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Before going abroad, learn a foreign language!

European officials and their friends are inviting all those who have worked outside the Czech Republic and know how important the knowlege of foreign languages is, to help support language teaching in children’s homes through this project.

we started on 2020-12-11
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We believe that the capacity to communicate in a foreign language will increase the chances of these children to find their place in life, maybe even abroad. Or at least that, when they travel abroad, they will be able to get by. It may also help them, one day, to take part in the Erasmus programme, that is open to students, apprentices and working people from all countries of the European Union, including the Czechs. 

This fundraiser has been initiated by: 

The Czech Inspiration

The „Česká inspirace – Inspiration tchèque“ association came into being thanks to a group of like-minded people working for the European institutions, their families and friends living in Belgium for some time and working in an enterprise or an organisation. The association has been organising different cultural, social and other activities, most often in Brussels. 

The Brussings choir

We are mostly Czech officials working for the European institutions, people on diplomatic missions, teachers working in the ‚Czech section‘ at the European School, Czechs studying at Belgian universities, au-pair girls and others. There are also several Slovaks among us and, now and then, colleagues of other nationalities who feel close to the Czech or Slovak culture. Most important, we all like to sing together. 
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Radostné vánoce... A pomáhejme si :-)

Ivo Lysoněk

Děkuji za tuto iniciativu!

Dáša Straková
CZK 300

Hodne stesti vsem malym zakum a otevrene dvere do sveta!

Radek Khol

Darina a Jan Krausovi

Jan Kraus

Ostatne droty ci mury na hraniciach medzi clenskymi statmi EU nasa generacia uz zrusila,
teraz je na nasich nasledovnikoch aby odburali svoje vlastne, interne prekazky dobrej komunikacie a naucili sa co najviac jazykov :-)

Peter Benuska
CZK 600

Kolik jazyků umíš, tolikrát jsi člověkem.

Petr Mooz
CZK 300