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A Special Collection for Animals in Need

During the last month, we've admitted more than 30 animals to our care, the expenses are growing at an unprecedented speed. Vaccinations, deworming, food, small medicine expenses, neutering, a scratching post, microchip reader, litter boxes. We need your help.

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During the last month, we've admitted more than 30 animals to our care and found more foster parents that take care of them, the expenses are growing astronomically. We had to buy litter boxes, scales, microchip readers, microchips, small equipment, cat litters, food, deworming. Enormous costs are formed also from ordinary small expenses - a hundred CZK for a vaccination, a thousand CZK for medicine every now and then.

All animals we take care of need help. They found themselves in need because of irresponsible people. For example because the people didn't neuter their cat or because they supported a puppy mill and then didn't know what to do with the dog anymore.

We managed to get together brand new foster homes and supply them with quality food, we've driven hundreds of kilometers and experinced a couple of sleepless nights, we saved 30 more animal souls in need. Now, we need your help to be able to help more animals and cover all the necessary costs.
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