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#GivingTuesdayNow for Congo: honor to rangers from Virunga NP

The situation with pandemia affects not only humans but animals as well. Both quarantine and economic impacts limit nature protection in the same way as other sectors. But while societies around the world are experiencing a slump, poachers and other villains have free hands to kill. That is why we want to support the protection of the world's natural heritage in Congo, which has suffered heavy losses as a result of the recent tragic event.

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Rangers are guardians of gorillas dreams.

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We stand with world rangers, real heroes in the first line of nature protection! 

Thanks to our membership in the international family of rangers (IRF), we had the honor of planning to start cooperating this year with the Kisimba Ikobo and NP Maiko in DR Congo. Unfortunately, the pandemic prevented us from starting the monitoring program Eye of Gorilla and other activities.

We were strongly hit by the news of a terrorist attack on the rangers of the Virunga National Park. 

With this collection we want to support the challenge of Virunga National Park: 
We collect donations to help with the funerals of fallen rangers and to help the destroyed families they leave behind. General support is also needed to keep the torch of hope for brave rangers and staff who continue to do important work to protect wildlife and communities. 

We also want to support our fellow rangers from Kisimba-Ikobo Nature Reserve. Due to the pandemic, they also face problems, so we decided to direct part of the funds from the collection there as well. 

You can continue to contribute to the Eye of Gorilla in Congo through the transparent account Eye of the Earth. The funds are intended for the purchase of photo traps and equipment for African rangers. Eye of the Earth also has its programs in Indonesia (Sumatra) and Slovakia. 

Gorillas need you and so do we. 
Thank you.
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