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Justice for Nature Czech Republic

Support Justice for Nature civic patrols that operate directly in the field and help detect illegal activities in the Czech landscape. Every year there are poisoning of dogs, cats, but also of protected animals (such as otters, eagles or owls) without perpetrators being detected and punished. Our task is to assist state and non-governmental organizations, but also to educate the public.

we started on 2020-04-14

Lets protect landscape together.

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Why support civic patrols? 

We are a civilian force operating in the field in favor of protection of animals and landscape. We reveal poisoning of animals, illegal tree felling, water and nature pollution, appealing to authorities, initiating investigations of crimes and offenses in the field of nature protection. We are a team of patrollers  which is gradually growing into a nationwide scope. Thanks to the financing of patrols by the general public we are able to professionalize this socially important activity for which the state nature protection does not have sufficient capacity and welcomes the assistance. 
If you do care about the state of Czech nature, but do something else yourself, support us and we will keep an eye on it for you. 
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Filip Hanák
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od Míši na ochranu přírody

Míša T.


Libor Býček
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Jste nejlepší! Jen tak dál.


Příspěvek od kluků z pražského Momentu, za prodej knihy Eko průvodce <3

Karolína Rathousová
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Moc Vám fandím, jste skvělí !

Karolína Slouková
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Dobrý den, jsem z Plzně a ráda se zapojímdo ochrany zvěře nejen pravidelnou platbou. Děkuji za další případné informace Lucie Hanzlikova

Lucie Hanzlikova
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martin trubka

Děkujeme za to, co děláte!

Martin Beneš
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Alenka Wonderlandová
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