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HAE Junior is a non-profit patient organisation seeking to improve the quality of life of children and youngsters diagnosed with hereditary angioedema. Will you support us?

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Projects & activities: 

1. HAE Barometer: An annual HAE patient survey aimed at identifying the needs and perceptions of both paediatric and adult Czech patients. 

2. Educational webinars “A Better Life with HAE”: A series of educational online webinars for families of HAE paediatric patients, aimed at increasing patient health literacy. 

3. HAE Junior Newsletter: A digital informative newsletter in Czech language for anyone interested in the topic of HAE. To sign up, visit 

4. HAE Junior Family Summer Camp: An annual community project aimed at supporting experience exchange and patient education of families with HAE children & youth. The first edition took place in summer 2020. 

5. Inclusive scholarships: “Skills for the Future”: The project consists in granting partial/ full scholarships for HAE kids/ youngsters to attend digital skills and foreign language courses or camps. 

6. Participation in multiple national & international initiatives aimed at providing patient information, promoting patient advocacy and raising HAE/ rare disease awareness. 

Your financial gift would allow our organisation to deliver on ongoing and future projects and thus make progress towards our goal: a better life and future for children and youngsters with HAE diagnose. Thank you for your support!
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