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Rebel against extinction!

The world is on the verge of climate and ecological collapse. All over the world people are rising up to rebel against extinction and against governments that lead us to it. It is time to start a rebellion also in the Czech republic. Our future is at stake.

we started on 2019-12-19

Rebel against extinction!

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Our home is in danger. Sharply rising global temperatures bring drought and crop failure, massive floods and hurricanes, melting ice caps, fires in Arctic, in Siberia, in Amazonia. The death of the coral reefs and collapse of the ocean life is coming. All of this is having an impact on lives of people all over the world. On their livelihoods. Those crises bring famine to many places. Whole countries are falling apart under the pressure of climate crisis.

We see it painfully clearly also in Czechia. With pain in our hearts we're watching our dying forests. Even though three years ago they were telling us that our forests were in the best shape they ever were. With heartache we're watching our drying wells, losing the life-giving water. And with rage we're watching our dying soil. Our drying rivers. And something is breaking inside us.

The political solution is not coming, though. The representatives of this state are downplaying this problem. They're trying to convince us that everything is allright. Even though we see the dying forests all around us. They're saying we should not care about how the next generations will live. Our children. They're acting like the dying Earth is not our problem. Like we can just close our eyes and it won't affect us. Like it's a problem of sea lions somewhere beyond the Arctic Circle. Some of them don't hesitate to use cheap lies and manipulations to claim that this problem doesn't exist at all. Our elites remind us of politruks in Chernobyl. They ignore problems, sweep them under the rug or are openly lying so they don't have to deal with them.

But science has been clear for decades. Because of human activity the planet is warming. And it's warming so fast it's extremely dangerous for us. Scientists keep warning us with higher and higher intensity for decades. We had enough time to listen to them. We had enough time to act. But we didn't and let the climate crisis go too far. And today we see the terrifying consequences with our own eyes.

The situation is critical. And according to the sociological surveys the majority of Czechs do realize it. But our polititians are throwing us overboard. And we are not going to put up with it. It's about us. About our children. And today we loudly say that we are going to fight for our lives. We are rising up. We won't just watch our futures crubling under the weight of ignorance, folly and irresponsibility.

We are starting our rebellion. Support our cause. Rise up for life! 
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