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Let's buy a new boiler for children from our community centre

Help us purchase a new boiler for children who regularly come to our community centre. Every afternoon, about 20 local children visit the low-threshold facility for children and youth in Ostrava-Hrušov, where they can spend their free time in a meaningful way. The area was flooded and boilers in every building are deficient. Let's get them a new and sufficient one - preferably until autumn. Thank you.

we started on 2019-08-20

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The area of Hrušov was massively flooded in 1997. This flood also affected many other places in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. Formerly lively area became uninhabitable. Majority of the families moved away, leaving brown fields behind for good. Now the life of the area is concentrated to few main streets.

The citizens still suffer from the consequences of this destructive flood. It took their will to get engaged in their neighbourhood for a long time. The situation has slightly changed since the Low-threshold facility for children and youth - community centre of Hrušov was established. This centre offered the local children and yourh an alternative way of spending their free time.

Local children visit the centre regularly and get involved to a spectre of activities offered by the centre. They also help with running of the centre itself (help with cleaning up, maintenance, planning activities together). Employers of the centre attempt to discuss everything that is affecting the children's lifes with them, support them in education and in applying or keeping up at high school.

The building in which the centre is situated are only rented. It is heated by and old heating system that does not correlate with conditions in which children spend their days. The whole area is undermined and that is why there is not possible to belabour a gas heating. All the boilers are powered by solid fuels, many of them are obsolete and do not offer a healthy environment for the children. We would like to create the only place where the children could feel safe not only psychically and socially but also as for their health.
Please, help us buy a new and quality boiler until winter.

With respect and gratitude

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