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Book „Confession in F Major“

Every fan of classical music will enjoy the book of memoirs of the grandson of the composer Antonín Dvořák titled Confession in F Major. Together with it, you will be receiving or giving a membership in the Club of Friends of the Prague Festival. Antonín Dvořák III died in the spring of 2017. He left behind memoirs in the form of a confession completed half a year before he passed away. His choice of the key F major was not random. As he himself wrote, it is the key of Dvořák’s American Quartet, and it was while listening to that piece that he first became aware he was a descendant of such a famous musician. Antonín Dvořák III did not inherit musical talent, but instead he gave support to those who played a role in preserving the Dvořák legacy. He took part in the inception of the Dvořák Prague Festival, was an honorary member of the festival team, and participated in the festival from the very first concert of the first season.

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The price of the book and a basic membership in the Club of Friends is CZK 1,500.

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The book is available in Czech language only.

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