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London experience and a life-changing adventure

We would like to take eleven adolescent children, i.e. keen English learners from two children’s homes, for a long weekend in London. We would love to show them the importance and usefulness of the English language in day- to -day situations. We believe that seeing this beautiful and bustling city in movies and textbooks is not sufficient enough. Nothing compares to a face-to-face encounter. However much unrealistic this might sound, only a brief mention of a trip to London has so far motivated our children to make their best t in their English classes.

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From 12th till 15th of September 2019 we are going to stroll through the streets of London, learn about its contemporary culture and London daily routine. Apart from that, we would like to show the children the history of the city and the nation. We also plan to put them into situations in which they have no choice but to use their knowledge and communication skills e.g. asking for directions, organizing the accommodation, shopping in supermarkets, e.g.  for a picnic in Hyde Park.

If you find this idea intriguing, please do not hesitate to support us in our endeavours. Your financial support will help us cover the necessary expenses for our accommodation, transport and catering.  A part of the expenses will be covered by a grant and commercial donations. The Friends of Dobré Víly – Friendly Fairies – are going to pay for themselves, only the much-needed guides will have their expenses covered.

We think it would be great to expand children’s horizons, which can be done only by showing them the amazing aura of the world. This might, hopefully, help us change children´s perception of the world.

We kindly thank you,

Dobré Víly

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Good trip !

Jaroslav Jeřábek
CZK 1,000

Přeji úspěšný výlet do Londýna. Ladislav Dědeček

Ladislav Dědeček
CZK 5,000

I wish to Vojta and all group a nice flight and great time in London. Enjoy! Radek

Radek Socha
CZK 4,000

Ať se dobrá věc podaří a přinese pozitiva do života. F.T.

František Tesařík
CZK 1,000

Rád jsem přispěl. Angličtina je nutná pro budoucí úspěchy dnešních dětí. Užijte si studijní pobyt v Londýně.
Ladislav Dědeček

Ladislav Dědeček
CZK 5,000