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We are improving the life conditions of LGBT people in the Czech Republic.

Pragu Pride Organisation

We are improving the life conditions of LGBT people in the Czech Republic
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For eight years now, the non-profit organization Prague Pride has been improving the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in the Czech Republic, even as 98% of the team are volunteers who do not receive payment. We have been organizing Prague Pride festivals with 120 events, we support LGBT activists, we publish our own magazine, we present LGBT topics to the public and to employers, we organize a run against homophobia, we take part in HIV prevention efforts and we run the We Are Fair campaign, which seeks the right to marry for everybody.  
2010 Founding of the association
2011First Prague Pride festival
2014First meetings of the parenthood prep
2015Foundation of the LGBT peer mentoring website
2016 Renting the first office
2017Pride Business Forum becomes year-round activity
2017 Launching the We Are Fair campaign
         Co-organizing the Run&Fun charity run
         First issue of Prague Pride MAG
2018Resuming the parenthood prep courses
         Prague Pride MAG starts coming out twice a year
2019Co-hosting the pan-European conference ILGA (International Lesbian, Gay,                     Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association) in Prague

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