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Sheet Metal Houses for our Mothers

SKP HOPO's aim is to keep families and children together even in difficult times. That is why we provide support, shelter and transient accommodation for families threatened with the loss of their homes, or those who are already homeless. As well as communal housing, we provide skills and employment training, education, and also help and advice to integrate families back into mainstream society.

we started on 2018-07-18

From The Edge of Society Becoming Part of Society

Our overall financial target to achieve all objectives for our accommodation project is 20,000 Euros. So, we will really appreciate donations of any size, it is all put to very good use! Every donation will make a direct difference to a child, mother or father. Thank you for putting it together with us!
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Sheet Metal Houses for our Mothers

Have you ever thought about what the word "home" means for you?
Is it a house with a garden, where you rest after work?
Or a room with a comfortable bed and your favourite armchair?
We are planning to create such an environment for ten mothers and their children, who have found themselves in difficult life situations. 
Our goal is to build a new complex of housing units that will replace the substandard housing facility currently at our shelter.
The complete estimated expenses for making the structure are 2 300 000 CZK. We cannot initiate the project until we get the whole sum.
We still need 500 000 CZK which we would like to get through the support of private donors.

These will be real homes that provide the foundation and support in overcoming difficulties, leading to making a positive transition back into society. 

From the Edge of Society to Becoming Part of Society.   
Help us make this future!

       Thank you for your support.

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Štědré a radostné Vánoce dobrému projektu!

Martin Tušl

This is such an awesome endeavor, so Christ-like! <3

Betsy Jones

Best wishes for a successful fundraising campaign. I regret that I cannot be there with the team from Tennessee this week.

Allen Edwards