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35th Summer tent camp with animals with international participation

The camp will take place on July 8 - 28, 2018 at the ZO ČSCH camp site in Mikulášovice - Salmov, in the Czech Netherlands on the edge of the Czech-Saxon Switzerland National Park, GPS: 50.9754250N, 14.3813789E. The camp will have an international character / so far, children from Slovakia, Iraq, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, France and Austria have taken part. The camp is aimed at children with a relationship to animals and nature, with the consent of the parents it is possible to take with them to the camp home-grown animals, which the children will take care of themselves in the camp and attend exhibitions during the camp.

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This unique camp in the world has a long tradition. Throughout history, it is purely volunteer, and none of the management or operating staff earns any reward for their activities. That is why the price of the camp can be only 5500 CZK in three weeks. This allows children and children from multiple and socially disadvantaged families to participate in the camp. This cost also finances the maintenance and renewal of camp inventory. Therefore, our goal throughout the year is to obtain support for the different parts of the program.

Children can have their pets loved by their parents in the camp, who are taking care of themselves, as part of the program to participate in the promotional exhibition of animals, which will be held on 22.7. in Mikulášovice.
Participants' accommodation is in tents (classic A with underpants and floorboards)
The program is recreational - trips to the National Park of Bohemian Switzerland and the surrounding area including a nearby town in Germany, sleeping under the hideaway, camping games, sports, bathing at a nearby swimming pool and pond, horseriding, improving the knowledge of animal husbandry and nature conservation.
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