Architekti bez hranic, z. s.

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The Club of Friends of Architekti bez hranic (Architectes sans frontiéres)

The Club of Friends of Architekti bez hranic (Architectes sans frontiéres) brings together patrons who support projects for disadvantaged people and problematic locations.

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Architekti bez hranic is a nonprofit organization that brings together architects and designers with an interest in public space. The association was formed in 2015. A group of ten active volunteers creates the core of the association. 
The aim of the association is: to initiate and collaborate on projects for disadvantaged people, to cultivate the public space and to support interpersonal relationships. Architekti bez hranic is  responsible for the implementation of the Orientation System in the underpasses under the Hlávkův Bridge near Vltavská megtro station in Prague, or the Public Wardrobe Initiative in Prague. In addition, from 2015, we organize neighboring festival (Zazit mesto jinak) in the underpass under Hlávkův Bridge in Prague on the Vltava River. Multi-genre cultural event is focused on homelessness. The aim is to revive the public space in these underpasses.
In addition to these projects, we focus on education of the public and organize a cycle of public debates. Experts, not only architects, discuss topics that go beyond the usual perception of architecture. Where the architectural creation begins and ends? Development of new technologies and social media, global climate and society changes. All this generates greater demands on the ecological and social sustainability of projects and a higher degree of interdisciplinary cooperation. It turns out that the architect does not just have to wait for a task, but he can be an initiator of social changes.
Our ambition is to become a part of the international network of volunteer organizations, Architectes sans frontiéres, whose philosophy 

Architekti bez hranic, z.s.

Registration April 8 2017 at Municipal Court in Prague 
Transparent account nb. 2001215619 / 2010 (Fio bank)
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