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Number of scouts in city of Bystrice nad Pernstejnem grows every year. In 2018 we hit the number of 110 members. Unfortunately our building is falling into ruin, where we cannot manage our program any longer. That´s why we would like to build up the completely new base. Please help us to reach this effort. Thank you!

we started on 2018-04-10

New base of scout troop Klen Bystrice

Support the scouts from Bystrice nad Pernstejnem
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The critical conditions of building, where scouts from Bystrice nad Pernstejnem manage their regular activity every week, got to the situation when was made decision to build up the new base. In cooperation with municipality has been prepared study and as follow-up to this also own project of new base, where would be space except for the scouts also for other fellowships cooperated with scouts from Bystrice as a local climbers and fellowship of handicapped kids and their parents. Architect who made the project had counted up the costs for building up to the 6.000 000 CZK. Plus there will be added costs for interior equipment up to the 300 000CZK. Thanks to your financial support we will be able to fill up the gap in investment and the strong support from the public can help us in negotiaton with municipality and government regarding their investment into this project. Thanks to your support can also the other generations of young people live their extraordinary life within the scout troop in Bystrice founded in 1929. If everything goes in accordance with the plan then in 2019 we will celebrate 90th anniversary in our new base. Thank you!
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