Open House Praha, z. ú.

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Support the festival Open House Praha and also whole year activities!

We offer people unusual experience, we may even fulfil childhood dreams! Thanks to Open House Praha, tens of usually non-accessible buildings and spaces open their gates during one weekend in May. We open the city to all of you, who are eager to know more about architecture and stories of individual buildings you may know only from outside. The entrance to all buildings is free, but the preparation works and practical realization of the festival generate considerable financial costs. We would not be able to manage everything without the support of donors, partners and also hundreds of dedicated volunteers.

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Support the Open House Praha Festival and the whole year activities of the association. Your support is of crucial importance and motivation for us. It confirms and assures us that our work is meaningful. We appreciate any donation at any amount. Thank you!
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We are enthusiasts who love our city and want to attract other people's attention to the places where they live. Quality of our lives depends, among other things, on the quality of architecture and the public space around us. The purpose of our non-profit organization is to popularize architecture to the general public. We open the capital city to all people, regardless of age, education or profession, and we wish and aim for people to see the city’s architecture and public spaces in wider urban, historical and cultural contexts.

We would like to welcome all who would like to provide long-term support to the Open House Praha festival and thus contribute to organizing our activities throughout the year. If you decide to support us in a long- term way, you become a member of the club of Architecture Lovers

Your long-term contribution will enable us to:

  • Start preparing for Open House Praha.
  • Open some of the buildings worth seeing throughout the year and not just during the festival.
  • Launch a public extra-curricular activity for little architects.
  • Offer various educational courses, workshops and other programmes to our volunteers.
  • Further develop our activities involving people with disabilities.
Don´t miss this unique opportunity! Become a member of the club and you will be amongstthe first to receive invitations to interesting events, walks with architects, photoworkshops and other special offers. We are looking forward to all Lovers of architecturewho we will meet regularly during our events.

How to join in?
Use the safe online gate and set up a standing order for a minimum of CZK 100 per month or donate a one-off lump sum of CZK 1200 per year.

If you don´t want to accept our offer of membership we will be happy for any contribution! 

Thank you for your support!

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Je mi ctí být podporovatelem tohoto skvělého projektu. Dík za skvělou práci!

Dagmar Vahalíková
CZK 200


Gabriela Zelenkova
CZK 500

Skvělý projekt, který má smysl podporovat ...

Jaroslav Michal
CZK 200

Díky festivalu Open House lze poznat vlastní město lépe.

Martin Husák

Těším se na další skvělé otevřené budovy!

Lucie Poláková
CZK 1,200

Hodně úspěchů v roce 2022.

Jan Kubele
CZK 1,200

Open House Praha otevírá každoročně nepřístupné pražské budovy veřejnosti. Za to jí patří upřímný dík.

Petr Mráz
CZK 1,200

Perfektní zážitek.

Alena Beránková
CZK 200

Děkuji za organizaci skvělé akce

Ondřej Guth
CZK 500

Velké díky organizačnímu týmu i všem dobrovolníkům za celý festival a doprovodné akce. Mnoho zdaru do dalšího ročníku :) ...