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Support the festival Open House Praha and also whole year activities!

We offer extraordinary experiences and fulfill childhood dreams! Thanks to the Open House Prague festival, you can peek into dozens of normally inaccessible buildings and spaces during one weekend in May. We open the city to all who want to listen to the stories of buildings they pass by every day. We engage children in the festival through interactive tours and workshops. As one of the few festivals in the Czech Republic, we also prepare special programs for people with disabilities. Behind this unique experience are demanding year-round preparations and associated financial costs. Without the support of donors and partners, and without the invaluable help of hundreds of volunteers, we wouldn't be able to make it happen.

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Support the Open House Praha Festival and the whole year activities of the association. Your support is of crucial importance and motivation for us. It confirms and assures us that our work is meaningful. We appreciate any donation at any amount. Thank you!
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Are you passionate admirers of the beauty of Prague? We offer you a unique opportunity to explore the city from a different perspective! Only with us, once a year, you can freely enter buildings that are otherwise inaccessible.

Do you enjoy our activities? Have you experienced the festival? Support us in our effort to open the city to everyone. One of the rules of the international license for organizing the festival in Prague is free entry to the open buildings.

Your donations will provide essential support not only for the preparation of the festival but also for other interesting tours and events throughout the year, including those for our fantastic volunteers. You can send an individual donation of any amount or join regular supporters in the Architecture Lovers Club.

Become a Member of the Architecture Lovers Club

By becoming a member of the club, you have the opportunity to personally meet with the organizational team and gain behind-the-scenes insights into the festival preparations. We'll offer new experiences in exploring architecture for you. As a member, you will receive a complimentary festival guide for better planning and additional discounts on selected festival merchandise.

Basic Membership – contribution of 1200 CZK per year / 100 CZK per month

  • Exclusive tour of a normally inaccessible building or other event twice a year for 1 person
  • Free digital version of the Festival Guide

VIP Membership – contribution of 4800 CZK per year / 400 CZK per month

  • Exclusive tour of a normally inaccessible building twice a year for 2 people
  • Priority entry to one of the festival highlights during the Open House Prague weekend for 2 people
  • Free printed version of the Festival Guide (available for pickup at the information center or the option for postal delivery)
Take advantage of this unique opportunity to peek behind the scenes of the festival! We accept club membership applications throughout the year. If you decide to gift club membership to someone close, we'll be happy to prepare a gift certificate for you.

How to proceed?
Set up a recurring payment through or send a one-time annual contribution corresponding to the value of club membership.

Thanks to your long-term and regular contribution, we can:

  • Prepare the next edition of the Open House Prague festival.
  • Open some of the intriguing buildings throughout the year.
  • Engage children in exploring the city through tours and interactive workshops.
  • Offer educational courses, workshops, and other programs for our volunteers throughout the year as a gesture of gratitude for their dedication.
  • Develop activities that involve people with disabilities, such as the deaf or visually impaired.
Thank you for your support, and we look forward to meeting you at the festival or other events!

About Us

We are enthusiasts who love Prague. We want to bring you unique experiences in exploring its fascinating architecture. Inspired by the idea of opening normally inaccessible buildings to the public, which originated in London in 1992, we decided to bring the festival to Prague in 2014 and founded the non-profit organization Open House Prague. A year later, we hosted the first edition of the eponymous festival, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. Find out more about us on

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Na skvělou věc.

Jiří Kvarda
CZK 2,500

Držíme palce a děkujeme!

Pavel Smažík

Nezveřejňovat, ale ráda bych se stala dobrovolníkem.

Zdenka Bosáková

Vážím si organizátorů i dobrovolníků 8.ročníku festivalu OPEN HOUSE PRAHA.
Dokud mi zdraví dovolí rád se zúčastním v pořadí již 9.ročníku festivalu ...

Josef Franěk
CZK 200

Je mi ctí být podporovatelem tohoto skvělého projektu. Dík za skvělou práci!

Dagmar Vahalíková
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Gabriela Zelenkova
CZK 500

Skvělý projekt, který má smysl podporovat ...

Jaroslav Michal
CZK 200

Díky festivalu Open House lze poznat vlastní město lépe.

Martin Husák

Těším se na další skvělé otevřené budovy!

Lucie Poláková
CZK 1,200

Hodně úspěchů v roce 2022.

Jan Kubele
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