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Intensive educational reconditioning stay

This project will focus primarily on our clients, families, friends, close surroundings, and HIV-infected workgroups for all those who are infected with HIV infected with this person. This target group will help us reach out to patients who are interested in informing their immediate surroundings. Participants will be trained to participate in the training of professionals who prepare their presentations in their profession in terms of their work with clients and patients with HIV. We will keep in touch with our clients, and from information about their lives, mental and physical condition, we will monitor the success of their stay or use the information we will use and focus on further educational activities. Any shortcomings and problems of our clients will be handed over to experts who are preparing to remove them in their presentations. The end of the project will be its assessment - satisfaction with lectures, discussions, consultations, lecturers' assessment, accommodation, food, what has been done and what has not been achieved, suggestions for improvement and proposals for other years. Translated on Google

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