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We have helped more than 4,500 people since the counselling centre was established in 2015, and we have even saved the lives of 30 of them. That makes sense! Join us - together we can help even more.

peer mentoring service for young LGBT+ people in crisis
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Join us in helping young people accept themselves and face their coming-out!

Every week, we are contacted by two dozen young people who are in a difficult life situation. For LGBT+ teens, clarifying their orientation or identity and coming-out publicly are the most difficult steps in life and often take years to commit to. Having someone to confide in can help a lot in this situation. Someone who can imagine it because they have been through the same situation themselves. Someone with whom there is no need to fear a reaction. And that is the purpose of the counselling centre.
How will we use your donation?

  • 100 CZK per month is the cost for one client of the counselling centre, thanks to a regular payment of this amount one person can use its services
  • 200 CZK per month provides a place for one teenager in a therapeutic support group
  • 450 CZK per month, i.e. 5 400 CZK per year will provide basic one-day training for all mentors
  • 600 CZK per month is the cost of one mentor, which includes ongoing training and supervision of a expert guarantor
  • 1000 CZK per month is the cost of promoting the counselling centre to potential clients
You may also have found it difficult to accept your orientation and/or identity. Maybe your loved ones didn't take your coming-out very well. Or maybe you were lucky and everything was fine, but you know that's far from a given. Whatever your motivation, join us. Sending a donation is the easiest way for young gay, lesbian, bi and trans people to join us in helping.

We want to support as many people as possible, so we are constantly developing and expanding our activities. In addition to the online counselling, we run support groups for young people going through coming-out and for parents who want to understand their children's experiences. This year we would like to offer these groups outside of Prague, in other Czech cities.

We know that it's very important for queer teens to find a safe space where they can really be themselves and where they can meet other people who are the same age. That's why every year we organize the FILIP20 event in Prague and Brno, a gathering of queer youth aged 13 to 21.

The patron of the advisory is Ester Janečková and Kovy supported us in his coming-out video.

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Karolína Kocincová

I am very happy to be able to support such wonderful organization!!!

Bernardo Ferrara Barbosa Aparecido

Rád podpořím projekt, který má smysl a dává tak naději lidem se změnou orientace.

Jiří Valeš
CZK 500

Děláte velice záslužnou věc. Děkuji Vám.

Veronika Kazimourová
CZK 2,000

Dekuji moc mentorkam Eve a Kvete za cenne rady, ktere mi poskytly. Jsem rada, ze jsem vas projekt online pomoci objevila :)

Jana Cervena
CZK 1,000

Tohle je velmi důležitý projekt, díky za něj.

Petr Š.
CZK 2,500

Ďakujem za to, čo robíte!

Josef Rabara
CZK 4,400

Dar pro dobrou věc.

Ivan Polak


Veronika Kulhánková
CZK 500

Vážím si Vaší práce! Děkuji že pomáháte těm kteří to potřebují!

Barbara Váňová
CZK 1,000