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Help us stop discrimination and ill-treatment in education

Every child has the right to quality education, regardless of health or social handicap. There are still cases of discrimination in access to education and ill-treatment in the Czech education system - violent and humiliating behavior of teachers towards pupils. Children and parents need legal support to defend themselves against this behavior.

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Why support the League of Human Rights?

  • In 2019 we have expanded our free legal advice on the subject of education and children’s rights. Now we are working on practical manuals for parents and their children with frequently asked questions.
  • The most serious cases of discrimination and ill-treatment will be represented by us in court
  • As members of the Working Group on the implementation of European Court of Human Rights judgments, we will continue to oversee the development of education legislation and propose systemic changes

We are your human rights watchdog!

Thank you for supporting us!
Leage of Human Rights

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