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Help us save the representatives of civil society in Ukraine

Support with us active citizens who are in danger not only due to the ongoing war, but also the repression by the Russian regime. Thanks to your donations, we distribute aid to organizations helping the civilians, and to independent journalists covering the crimes of Russian troops in Ukraine. We support organizations providing medical and psychological care to survivors of rape in liberated areas. Last but not least, we can also help with the evacuation of those in immediate danger.

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Update 6. 6. 2023
On Tuesday, 6 June, the giant Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine was breached as a result of the Russian invasion. Water from the dam swept away houses, flooded dozens of towns and villages, and people had to evacuate. It is a humanitarian and environmental disaster.
We immediately sent funds to our partner organisation operating in the area to purchase two boat trailers, which are essential for the work of the rescue forces.
Your donations will support the purchase of other essential equipment such as boats, pumps and other equipment for rescue workers. If you can, please contribute to further aid in the south of Ukraine.

Update 16. 3. 2023
Winter-long attacks on civilian infrastructure, power, heat and communications outages continue to exacerbate the impact of the war on civilians and civil society representatives*. We continue to assist Ukrainian organizations and individuals with financial and material support - e.g. generators and large capacity batteries for blackouts, Starlink satellites for independent journalists, medical supplies, etc.

Update 20. 9. 2022
Thanks to donations, we continue to support human rights activists, independent journalists and collectives that monitor war crimes and human rights violations in Ukraine.
Donations also support ukrainian organizations providing assistance to survivors of sexual violence and other war traumas.
In Mykolaiv, which is still without a stable drinking water supply, we help with our partners to provide drinking water for the most vulnerable groups such as senior citizens and people with disabilities.

Update 8. 6. 2022
Shocking reports of sexual violence committed by Russian soldiers in the occupied areas of Ukraine are prompting us to extend our existing support for Ukraine's civil society to help all survivors of rape.

We have established cooperation with three Ukrainian organisations, to which we provide financial and other support, to ensure that rape survivors receive the care they need, not only in the form of medical treatment, but also help from psychologists or therapists.

We have been operating in Ukraine since 2014 and during that time we have managed to establish partnerships with many local organizations, to which we have so far provided support in building a conscious civil society.

We help independent journalists report political repressions and human rights abuses. We support investigative media that bring corruption to light and expose power interests. We work with human rights defenders to monitor human rights abuses. Also, our partners are local associations of active citizens, dealing with environmental protection, assistance to victims of domestic violence, transparency of public procurement or caring for orphans.

The invasion of Russian troops puts all these great people in double danger.

Experience from the Russian annexation of Crimea shows that immediately after the entry of Russian troops, there was a severe decimation of active civil society. Journalists, activists, human rights defenders and others have been persecuted, bullied, imprisoned, tortured, abducted and, in some cases, killed.

The same is currently happening on an even larger scale in other territories of Ukraine, occupied by the Russian army.

That is why we want to provide assistance and support to these brave people, whether they decide to stay in place and continue their activities despite the risks, or if they are forced to leave Ukraine in order to preserve their own lives or the safety of their families.

Help with us. Thank you.
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On Tuesday, 6 June, the giant Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine was breached as a result of the Russian invasion. Water from the dam swept away houses, flooded dozens of towns and villages, and people had to evacuate. It is a humanitarian and environmental disaster.
We immediately sent funds to our partner organisation operating in the area to purchase two boat trailers, which are essential for the work of the rescue forces.
Your donations will support the purchase of other essential equipment such as boats, pumps and other equipment for rescue workers. If you can, please contribute to further aid in the south of Ukraine.

Distribution of clothing for families of refugees organized by partner organization "Vychid" in Mykolajiv.

Co zbylo z osvobozeného Chersonu

Po osmi měsících osvobodila 11. listopadu ukrajinská armáda Cherson. Jak město vypadalo dva týdny po odchodu okupačních vojsk? To přímo z místa popsala novinářka Larisa Kalik, podporovaná NESEHNUTÍM.

How our colleague experienced helping Ukraine.

How our colleague experienced helping Ukraine.

Three Ukrainian human rights defenders, Mariia Sulialina, Daryna Pidhorna and Yuliya Sporysh, spoke at a public hearing in the Chamber of Deputies. At the hearing in the Chamber of Deputies and in meetings with the media, they presented the current situation in Ukraine and the war crimes their organisations have documented - sexual violence, deportations and abductions, re-education of children and militarisation of youth in the occupied territories, destruction of cultural heritage. Their meeting with czech politicians, journalists and representatives of various institutions was organised by NESEHNUTÍ as part of its assistance to Ukrainian civil society.

We continue to support our partners in Mykolaiv, which has been suffering from a lack of drinking water for several months. Disinfectants and filters are helping them to provide drinking water, especially for the most vulnerable groups such as the elderly and disabled, even in make-shift conditions.

Thanks to in-kind donations from Alza and HP Tronic, we were able to send several hundred thousand worth of equipment to partner organizations in Ukraine. For example, computers, phones, power banks or solar panels were sent to various places in Ukraine. The donations will help Ukrainian organizations replace equipment lost while fleeing the Russian invasion or during the ongoing shelling. They can then continue their work, whether it is providing psychological assistance, monitoring war crimes or bringing news.

Mykolaiv has been without drinking water for several weeks now, and through our fundraising we support the purchase of water filters and disinfection so our collaborator Boris can provide drinking water for the most vulnerable groups of the population, such as the elderly or people with physical disabilities, who are unable to get drinking water from the cisterns themselves.
Boris illustrated the quality of the water currently flowing from the tap with the attached photo. (on the left, tomato plant watered from the tap, on the right tomato plant watered by water collected during rain)
We provide drinking water for the citizens of Mykolaiv thanks to your donations. Thank you.

  • Introducing another organization helping rape survivors in Ukraine
The organization Славянское сердце (Slavic Heart) was founded in 2014 in Slavyansk and has focused on working with survivors of war crimes, most often women with experience of sexual violence. 

In their work, they see it as crucial to first provide physical safety in order to then provide psychological support. Therefore, they provide shelters for survivors, medical and basic material assistance, and then psychotherapeutic care. They work on the ground, in areas bordering the war front or in areas liberated from Russian troops.

The help for Slavic Heart is all the more relevant because recently their office was hit by a bombing, fortunately without casualties, but the organization lost all its equipment and part of its facilities.

  • Introducing the third organization helping rape survivors in Ukraine
Divchata's primary focus in a normal situation is psychological assistance to women/girls who have been survivors of sexual violence. However, they also work with families whose member has experienced sexual violence. Since the beginning of the war, they have also had several male persons "in their care". They also focus a lot on therapy with children and teenagers with experiences of sexual violence. 

They concentrate on longer-term psychotherapy and help survivors with transportation to safer parts of Ukraine. In addition to direct support for survivors, they also focus on working with gynaecologists and police officers - the aim is both to influence the way they deal with survivors (preventing secondary victimisation) and to give them info about psychological support options.

  • Water for Mykolajiv! South of Ukraine is thirsty!
 A few days ago, we delivered 150 packs of drinking water purifier to Mykolayiv for testing. Combined with local mechanical filters, it will make it possible to convert water from almost any source into drinking water even in improvised conditions.

 Since the Russian army bombed the local water supply, Mykolayiv is one of the places where drinking water is very difficult to obtain.

 Our collaborator Boris, together with local organizations, provides access to drinking water, especially for the elderly and people with disabilities or health limitations. They use filters and disinfection to help them purify the water, which is full of heavy metals and other harmful substances.

 For just CZK 10,000, locals can buy 100 filters. That's 10,000 litres of clean water.

 Even a hundred crowns can mean clean water for one person for several days.

  • Introducing the first of the organizations helping rape survivors in Ukraine
For the second month, "Право на здоров'я" (HealthRight International) в Україні has been running a centre in Uzhhorod to help survivors of various types of war crimes, including sexual crimes.

The funding from NESHNUTI is directed specifically to provide assistance to survivors of rape. They will not only receive help from psychologists in the form of individual and group therapy, but also medical care and examinations, such as tests for sexually transmitted diseases or their treatment.

  • Alarming reports of the numbers of rape survivors coming from liberated areas of Ukraine are prompting us to expand our assistance, which has so far been directed primarily at helping engaged civil society.
  • We have*established cooperation with four Ukrainian organisations that we support to provide survivors with the medical and psychological care they need.
  • We will introduce you in the coming days to the organisations working with us and how they are working on this sensitive and complex issue.
  • We thank Vít Samek, the Liberální institut and their humanitarian "Operation Kyseláč" for the financial support that made it possible to start this assistance. We also thank Voxpot for their financial support.

In cooperation with the Spejbl and Hurvínek Theatre we call for help to the Crimean Tatars

On the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Crimean Tatar Nation, 78 years after the forced mass removal of the Crimean Tatars from their homes, we have published a video together with the Spejbl and Hurvnínka Theatre, which not only commemorates this tragic event, but also draws attention to the fact that Crimean Tatars and Crimean Tatar women have to leave their homes again today due to Russian aggression.
For months, we at NESEHNUTÍ have been helping to evacuate women, children and the elderly from places where it is currently impossible to live because of the horrors of war and atrocities committed by the Russian army. Together with Spejbl and Hurvínek, we urge you to join us in helping, and we also send our thanks to everyone who is helping with us.
We are very grateful to the Spejbl and Hurvínek Theatre for their pleasant cooperation.

We support independent journalists
In Lviv we provided housing and necessary equipment for journalist Larisa Kalik, who is corespondent of Graty and also prestigious media outlet The Guardian. Here you can find some articles, which were written thanks to all mentioned support:

We send medicines and protective material to Flora in Kropyvnycky
Our partners from the environmental organisation Flora remain in Ukraine and continue to provide support to civilians and territorial defence in the Kirovohrad region. So far we have sent 3 shipments containing medicines, hemostats and tourniquets, as well as bulletproof vests or helmets to help them.

We are preparing new project to support survivors of sexual violence
In light of the disturbing situation in the liberated areas of Ukraine, where reports of rape by Russian occupation forces are coming from, we are working with several Ukrainian organizations to support follow-up care for Ukrainian women and other groups of citizens, who have been survivors of sexual violence. This includes especially medical and psychological assistance.

We financially and materially support the independent media outlet Graty
In cooperation with other organisations, we have provided financial and material support to the independent media outlet Graty, which provides news from the areas affected by the great earthquake, in the form of Starlink terminals for stable internet connection, satellite phones, bulletproof vests and first aid kits for field work.

Starlink for human rights organisations and independent journalists
In cooperation with other organisations, we have been able to provide Starlink terminals for several other journalism and human rights organisations. Thanks to them, they can stay connected to the internet even if the regular networks are interrupted.

We financially support the establishment of facilities for human rights organisations in Lviv
As a result of the russian invasion, some human rights organisations had to leave their original locations. Nevertheless, they want to continue their activities and help Ukraine. Our collaborator organizes accommodation, offices and necessary equipment for them with financial support from NESEHNUTÍ in Lviv. Currently we support several organizations, e.g. Human rights house Crimea or Centre for civic education Almenda.

We managed to successfully send three shipments of medicines and other medical supplies to the besieged and severely tested town of Mykolaiv. In view of the current critical situation with the shortage of drinking water, we are now preparing a shipment of purification tablets to provide drinkable water.

Third evacuation of Crimean Tatars from Lviv. Thanks to all donors for helping with us.

Documentary movie from our first evacuation of Crimean Tatars.

Second evacuation of Crimean Tatars from Lviv. We thank to all donors for support and allowing us to help.

The whole world is upside down, so even International Women's Day is different for us this time.
Right now, our colleagues are helping to transport 48 women and children from Crimean Tatars ethnic, who are particularly endangered by russian regime.
Some of them are not fleeing for the first time. There are women, who previously had to flee from the russian regime after the occupation of Crimea or Donbas.
Symbolically, on the International Women's Day we will provide them with a safe haven from russian aggression against Ukraine.

The shipment to Kirovohrad area arrived safely. Our friends are thanking to everyone, who helped to make it happen.

Today we have sent a shipment of medical and protective equipment to partner organization in Kirovohrad area. Thank you all, who helped us with their donations.

Unfortunately, the russian lists of "inconvenient" civic activists are not just a hoax. We received confirmation, that photos and personal details of ukrainian journalists and activists are circulating on russian social networks and particular groups with gallows in their logos, with calls for their liquidation. 😟

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