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Petrohradská was founded in 2015 as a studio complex for artists, designers and creatives from related disciplines who were looking for a space for their creative work. The founders of the project are Edita Štrajtová and Daniel Konopáč. In the eight years since then, the project has grown and expanded into other sectors of cultural activities and has become a platform for interdisciplinary cooperation on the domestic and international scene. This year it celebrated its ninth season. In the context of the project's work, the word collaboration has an unforgettable meaning. Since the foundation of the initiative, a number of cultural workers, entities and individuals have become part of the programmes of the Petrohradská kolektiv, to whom the project has provided space in exchange for mutual dramaturgical enrichment and the joint building of a domestic alternative cultural scene, whether in the field of contemporary art, experimental music, performance art, art theory or audiovisual.

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