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Adventor o. s. is the services provider and also acts as the community hub for children and adults on the autistic spectrum since 2013. We provide advisory, therapies for individuals as well as for groups, organize cultural, artistic and sporty events, run autism-friendly cinema KINOSKOP for documents and talks, arrange exhibitions of paintings of autistic painters, make films about autism and support gifted people. We also run a sheltered workplace Autikvariát – the book store with used and new books and with products from our workshop, where autistic colleagues are also employed. Our main base is the community center KOPEC. We work on public awareness about autism, organize group of self-advocates (A-komunita), cooperate with the government (Govermental Comitee for People with disabilities VVZPO) and other partners, co-founded European Council of Autistic People (EUCAP).

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