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♥ We give love to children from children's homes and the handicapped, give it with us ♥ The children in the children's homes are looked after by wonderful educators, who, however, are responsible for up to 8 children at once. Unlike a normal family, where there are usually two children per two adults. This number of children makes it difficult for educators to pay as much attention to the children as they would like to give them as much attention as have the children growing up in a normal family. And that's why we help! ☺We visit the children regularly and approach them individually. ☺We help children with a school preparation ☺We teach children common sports such as swimming, skiing, skating. ☺We organize leisure activities / clubs for children ☺ We organize educational / sport / development and entertaining stays for children outside the home ☺We deliver grocery from the food bank to children ☺We are friends to the children that thay may contact even after leaving the children's home. ♥ We give love to children from children's homes ♥, give it with us ♥, support us ♥

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