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MIIC envisions an open and globally-connected Czech Republic, reaping the benefits of international collaboration, harnessing the potential of its youth to become globally aware, and embracing intercultural education. This vision goes beyond academia, reaching various organizations. Inspired by Czech-American Professor Josef A. Mestenhauser, MIIC empowers marginalized communities, forges global connections through its projects, and bolsters democracy.

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By supporting international collaboration, intercultural education, global citizenship of our youth, and interdisciplinary and intersectoral communication, you are helping to strengthen social cohesion and democracy, not only in the Czech Republic but also on a global scale. Thank you.
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We are truly grateful to you for sharing our vision of an open and globally engaged Czech Republic, one that harnesses the benefits of international collaboration, the potential of its youth, and the power of intercultural education. This commitment is not confined to the academic realm alone but extends across various organizations.

Your support plays a pivotal role in the growth of our institute and the realization of its projects. Our initiatives empower disadvantaged communities by equipping them with foreign knowledge and skills, facilitate lasting connections for young people with international peers from diverse cultures, and contribute to the strengthening of democracy and civic values in a society that embraces global openness.

MIIC has been inspired by the legacy of Professor JOSEF A. MESTENHAUSER (1925-2015), a leading Czech émigré and pioneer in the field of international education.

We express our deep appreciation for your generosity! 
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