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Let's create a gallery of world holotropic art

Join us in creating a unique cultural space for the presentation of Czech and international holotropic art! We will build the gallery in the historic 18th century granary in Holasovice near Opava, thus saving this cultural monument and breathing new life into it. It will become a place not only for the presentation of art, but also for its creation within the Holotropic ART Academy.

we started on 2023-11-20
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Let's create the 1st European gallery of holotropic art! Our long-standing project Holotropic ART now has a new goal.
A cultural and social centre building on the genius loci of the original Holasic settlement in the premises of the cultural monument of the historic Baroque granary, formerly belonging to the Princes of Liechtenstein.

Granary Holos

The gallery will be built in the premises of a baroque granary, it will have 4 floors and more than 1000 m2 of exhibition space. In addition to the exhibition space, there will be a conference hall, a café, studios, accommodation and study rooms.

Part of the exhibition space will be dedicated to audiovisual works of NFT art, making the Granary one of the few galleries in the world dedicated to this modern way of creating and presenting digital art. 

The Granary is only 4 km away from the Holos Centre in Vlaštovičky and both spaces will together enable art stays and retreats inspired by holotropic states of consciousness.

Support by Stan and Brigitte Grof

Project milestones

  • Funding from supporters and purchase of the building by the end of 2023
    • We need 115 000 EUR to purchase the facility.
Next milestones:
  • Taking over the building spring 2024
  • Architectural study and building permits 2024
  • Grant application for the 70th IROP call - Culture - monuments and museums - SC 5.1
  • Start of construction works 2025
  • Opening 2026

How to get involved?

  • Support the project directly by donating any amount of money
  • Create a donation appeal using the button below and reach out to your friends
  • Have another idea? Contact us and support the project in a different way
Link to the presentation of this project: https://bit.ly/sypka-holos-prezentace

What is holotropic art? 

Holotropic art is artistic expression or creation that occurs during or after various types of holotropic states of consciousness. It emerges from deeper layers of consciousness and has transformative and integrative effects not only on the creator, but also on those who interact with the work. It can include various forms of artistic expression, such as painting, drawing, music, literature, or even performance art, which arise as expressions of deeper emotional or spiritual experiences that people have during holotropic states of consciousness (e.g., Grof breathwork, psychedelic sessions, spontaneously during a psychospiritual crisis, etc.). (Hrabánek, 1997)

In the past years, the Holotropic ART project has involved prominent artists from the Czech Republic and the world, such as H. R. Giger, Martina Hoffmann, Stanislav and Brigitte Grof, Roman Erben, Otto Placht, Zdeněk Hajný and many others.

Meduse - Martina Hoffmann

Presentation of NFT art

We have partnered with psynft.xyz, a community of over 170 visionary artists from around the world. They sell their works using NFT technology. Alex Grey, Android Jones, Boris Pelcer, Chris Dyer, Luke Brown, Fabian Jimenez, Silvio Vieira and Tas Visuals are among the most well-known members. The only Czech member is Filip Záruba, who will be in charge of the NFT section in Sypka.

Since NFT works are primarily created digitally, and often include animations with original music, new ways of presenting works are offered, such as on high-resolution screens, using video projectors, or in hall of mirrors, where the work fully surrounds and immerses you.

Dagmar and Václav Havel - patronage over Holotropic ART

We have repeatedly presented Holotropic Art also at the Prague Crossroads, under the auspices of the Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation VIZE97, with the participation of Mrs. Dagmar Havlová and Stanislav Grof.

Who is behind the project?

Milan Hrabanek
Founder of the Holotropic ART project and founder of the Holos Centre. Physician, psychiatrist, facilitator and teacher of Grof breathwork with a passion for art created with inspiration from holotropic states of consciousness. www.milanhrabanek.com

Filip Záruba
3D graphic designer and animator, designer, NFT artist, also film director, cinematographer, editor and producer
composer, DJ and promoter. He is a co-founder of Asaya. Director of movies Bufo Alvarius - Underground Secret and Bufo Alvarius Reloaded. www.filipzaruba.com  www.bufoalvarius.com

Holos, z.ú.

The project is organized and patronized by Holos, z.ú., a non-profit organization whose mission is to care for mental health with the help of transpersonal psychology methods, to scientifically research and promote the use of these methods, including Grof breathwork and other work with holotropic states of consciousness. Holotropic art is of significant educational as well as therapeutic importance to us.  


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