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Alley of Freedom 23

Celebrate the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution with us - plant with us the Alley of Freedom '23. We will plant a new alley of 97 pear trees and 28 oaks together on 4 November in Kujavy in the Nový Jičín region. The planted avenue will be a symbol of the recovery of the landscape and the return of freedom after the difficult times of the last century.

Alley of Freedom'23

Join us and help us plant the Alley of Freedom'23. Our republic needs care just like the Czech landscape. Support both by planting the Alley of Freedom'23. Donate a symbolic 5,000 crowns for a new tree.
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Help us plant the Alley of Freedom'23, which will become a symbol of the recovery of the countryside and the return of freedom after difficult times of the previous century!

The Alley of Freedom is a traditional event of the Partnership Foundation and its initiative Sázíme budoucnost (Planting the Future), where together with the public and partners it plants trees as a symbol of freedom and democracy. The last Alley of Freedom was dedicated to the memory of Sir Nicholas Winton and the 669 children he managed to save from transport to concentration camps in 1939.

The landscape around the village of Kujava in the Novojičín region still bears traces of impenetrable monocultures that replaced the small, varied fields of the first half of the 20th century. Chemicals and former agricultural practices have damaged the soil. Local roads and tree-lined borders have been completely eliminated, depriving the inhabitants of free access to the surrounding landscape. Even a spring with medicinal water that served the local small spa was affected.

This is the hard fate of the Kujava landscape. The nature here still reflects the internal disruption of the countryside in the second half of the last century. It is recovering only slowly. It is recovering only slowly. The Alley of Freedom is one of the remedies that will help to free the landscape, mend broken ties and rediscover important roots.

  • The Alley of Freedom will restore a vanished dirt road that used to connect the picturesque church with the footpath along the Pustějovský brook.
  • It will divide the field into smaller units and offer shelter to both human and animal inhabitants.
  • The event itself, as well as the subsequent care of the trees, will help to develop the community life of the village, understand the local heritage and create a new history of Kujava.
However, the planting of trees is far from the end in Kujava. In the future, there are plans to build a cross path with fourteen stops along the alley. The artificially meliorated Pustějovský brook will also be free to flow freely. Life will gradually return to the landscape destroyed by the domination and arrogance of the former regime.

Support the planting of the alley:

  • buy one tree for CZK 5,000 (oak tree) or CZK 3,000 (pear tree) (If you want to plant your purchased tree at the event, you need to register for the Alley of Freedom'23 here.)
  • contribute any amount to the organisation of the planting
  • register for the event and plant trees together with us
The proceeds of this collection, guaranteed by the Partnership Foundation, will be used to organize the planting of the Alley of Freedom'23 i.e. involvement of volunteers in the planting work, professional supervision during the planting, purchase of trees including protection of trees against damage and transportation of seedlings to the site, marking of the trees, subsequent care of the trees in the following years and other necessary costs.

Thank you for any support you can offer to help us plant the Alley of Freedom!

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