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CPL rewrites the stories of children with disabilities

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Advent is a time of good deeds. And we at CPL Jobs love to do that 😊.
For the past three years, we have participated in the activities of Společnost pro ranou péči, which provides Early Care Intervention (ECI), professional help for families of children with disabilities. This year we are also participating in the Advent collection Přepiš příběh - Rewrite the Story. 
Each of us can become part of the stories of families whose children are struggling with serious health problems. Your donation will pay for the ECI specialist´s professional care. She regularly visits the family and shows them how they can properly develop their children and at the same time supports them in the most difficult situations of their lives. 
Let's REWRITE THE STORIES of children who didn't have a good start in life together 🙏. Thanks to everyone who donates ❤️!  
Společnost pro ranou péči teaches families of children with special needs how to live fulfilling lives. Early childhood intervention specialists bring professional help directly in the home. Together with parents they develop the child to help them reach their potential. Since the organization’s foundation in 1990, they have supported thousands of families throughout the Czech Republic. Currently, their team of 80 specialists across 7 branches cares for over 900 families.
Společnost pro ranou péči
Become a hero in the life stories of others. Thanks to your donation, families with children with disabilities will have someone to turn to and they will receive the care and support they need. Give them a chance for a better life. It is your gift and your support that rewrites the stories.
Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) is here for families with children with disabilities. Both for the children and the parents.

  • It is there to help parents to get professional help.
  • So that they have a ECI specialist they can turn to. So that they know how they can develop their child and receive the necessary tools for this.
  • ECI gives parents confidence and hope that they can make it as a family. It helps them overcome the most difficult period of their lives and rebuild their future.
Dear donors, you are absolutely amazing! Thank you❤️
Your donations have already fulfilled all of our 4 fundraising goals. 🌟

Goal 1: CZK 73,000 for professional care for one family for the whole year = fulfilled 👍
Goal 2: CZK 145,500 for initial diagnostic examination for 35 children = fulfilled 👍
Goal 3: CZK 205,000 for crisis intervention for the most vulnerable children in neonatal wards = fulfilled 👍
Goal 4: CZK 261,500 for education about ECI so that it reaches every family that needs it = fulfilled 👍

Donations from people like you ensure help for all families in need. Thank you for your donation.

❤️ Stellinka's story:
"It was a big shock when we found out that Stellinka was suffering from a serious genetic disorder with an uncertain future. ECI helped us make arrangements to raise her at home. They were the first people who didn't force us to do anything, they listened to us and were "JUST" there WITH US. Stellinka's state of health is still as if on a swing. Whenever we need it, ECI is here for us - in moments of joy from progress and in difficult times on the border of life and death. We can't imagine it without their support," says the mother of the six-year-old Stelinka

Stelinka's story is proof of how important ECI is. How moms and dads need someone to turn to when life throws them a more complicated fate.

Donate today and ensure Early Childhood Intervention for another family for the whole year.

Rewrite their story towards hope. 🙏

🌟 And we have a gift for generous donors: 🌟
Have you donated at least 500 CZK to the collection and would you like a small gift that will remind you of your good deed?
Write to info@ranapece.cz about an eraser pen with the Rewrite a story logo, with which you too can write and change your stories. Don't forget to write us your full address 😉
All donations support organization:
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