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Radios for Ukraine

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Provide 1000+ radio stations for teams supporting critical infrastructure in Lviv
The goal of this opportunity is to raise funds for critical electronic equipment - professional radio stations to be used by the critical infrastructure teams in Ukraine's city of Lviv. The organization providing the support for this opportunity is Post Bellum - foundation that provides different types of equipment to Ukraine during the current conflict.
Ukraine is under the threat of an unprecedented invasion by the armies of the Russian Federation. It is with great emotion that we have been watching our friends defend their homeland. That is why we are launching this fundraiser in which you can participate. The donations have allowed us to buy equipment that saves lifes and increases safety of Ukraine's defenders. Especially medical material, protective vests, helmets, gloves, sleeping bags, tents, two-way radios, batteries, drones, termovisions and food. Thanks to our Ukrainian partners, we know, which resources, where and in what ammount are lacked. The equipment, we buy, usually helps in the field the next day. We also use the funds to improve medical care for children and people affected by the Russian army invasion.
Ukraine is facing an unprecedented invasion by the armies of the Russian Federation. The country has the right to territorial integrity and to freely decide about its own future! It is with great emotion that we have been watching our friends defend their homeland. We see their commitment, their longing for freedom and defiance of Russian aggression. We are doing everything in our power to get help to Ukraine as fast as possible. We have been collaborating on the logistics and distribution with our Ukrainian partners, who know exactly where the equipment is needed the most. Unfortunately it is not in our power to provide material to individuals or groups.

We don’t need to passively watch as injustice is perpetrated on a society which has become the target of its neighbour’s aggression merely for deciding it shares our values of freedom and democracy. Please donate. Thousands of vests and helmets from us have been protecting actual people in Ukraine. Many tons of medical material save lifes. Ukrainian heroes need much more to succeed in protection of their country.

You can also support the fundraiser directly to the bank account: 123-6318620207/0100 (for donations from abroad: IBAN: CZ 7601000001236318620207, BIC / SWIFT code: KOMBCZPPXXX).


The non-profit organisation Post Bellum, the manager of the Memory of Nations project, founded a branch in Lviv at the end of 2019. Our colleagues in Ukraine have recorded tens of stories mainly from times of Stalinist represions, disidents and political prisoners. Shortly before the emerge of the conflict, our colleagues asked us for help for the Come Back Alive foundation, which helps to provide the defenders of Ukrainian borders with defensive means. Czech Memory of Nations decided to take action and ask its supporters and to deliver raised money to the Ukrainian foundation. During the first two days of invasion, the members of the foundation had to evacuate themselves and sent an urgent message that they were not able to buy and distribute so much needed vests, helmets, optics and other material. They asked the Czech organisation Post Bellum to proceed themselves. An offer that was impossible to refuse. Thanks to your support, we have delivered thousands of bulletproof vests and helmets and tons of medical material to the defenders of Ukraine.

Thank you for your support!

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