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All for ONE for all – Ukraine

we started on 2022-02-24
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Ataccamers stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. 
We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. 
Join us in raising funds to help Ukrainians who have been impacted by the invasion.

We set up this donation fund so that Ataccamers and their friends and families can participate and help the people of Ukraine in their struggle for freedom.

The amount of money we collect will be doubled by Ataccama up to 1 million CZK / 40,000 EUR.

Please consider donating—every little bit helps.
Thank you for your contributions.
ADRA, o.p.s.
We are helping people affected by the war in Ukraine. We monitor current events and, in cooperation with ADRA Ukraine and other ADRA offices, we help meet the basic needs of displaced and evacuated people. Would you like to get involved? A financial donation is currently the most effective form of assistance, as the situation and the needs of affected citizens change every moment. Your donations are and will be used to directly help people affected by the conflict. Donations will be used for humanitarian assistance of the affected communities. Thank you for helping with us!
We know what a war looks like. We have witnessed a few up until this day. We also know how drastically it affects lives of ordinary people - women, children, elderly.

Here we are again, ready to get involved again and help the Ukrainian citizens affected by the conflict of war.

We are in touch with ADRA Ukraine and follow the needs of internally displaced and evacuated people. Both in Ukraine and in the countries where Ukrainians seek refuge.

Your donations are the most efficient way to help at the moment.

Thank you for helping people in need with us.

Mnoho sily, nevzdavat se!

Michael Valášek
CZK 5,000

Fingers crossed Ukraine!

Tomas Vytiska
CZK 8,000



Slava Ukraini!

Dominik Matousek

Michal Plíva
CZK 1,000

I'm Russian and I want Ukrainians know they're not alone
thanks Ataccama for this opportunity

vladimir Zvorygin


Vojta Polak
CZK 20,000

Glory to Ukraine!

Roman Vins

Statečnost ukrajinského lidu je neuvěřitelná. Zaslouží si a potřebují veškerou pomoc, kterou jim můžeme poskytnout, a ještě více. Může to vypadat, že v tomto konfliktu jde o ukrajinskou demokracii, ale ve skutečnosti jde o všechny demokracie. Putinovi nesmí být dovoleno zmocnit se Ukrajiny.

Wendy Drahovzal
CZK 5,000

Ukrajino, drž se.
Víme, že bojuješ i za naši budoucnost, tak malý dík aspoň takhle ...

A. a V. Linkovi
CZK 3,000
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ADRA, o.p.s., projekt: SOS ADRA: Help people in Ukraine