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Chalantika - Slum Education Centre in Bangladesh

Chalantika is an education centre in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which provides education to the poorest children and their families living in the slum. It was founded by the non-profit organization ADRA in 2013. Thanks to the support from our donors, 80 children between 6 and 13 years can go to school and thus secure a better future. Education is a priceless gift noone can take away. Donate education, donate the future.

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Chalantika is an education centre in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which provides education to the poorest children living in a slum. As the ordinary schools in Bangladesh are overcrowded and understaffed, it is impossible for children to pass the exams without extra tutoring. Poor families can´t offer a tutor and the parents are often illiterate. Our teachers in the Chalantika centre dedicate their time to each child and support their desire to achieve a better future. 

The centre provides to the children:
  • tutoring (5 times a week) 
  • school bags, shoes, uniforms 
  • nutritious lunches (once a day)   
  • regular medical check ups and clinical support
  • excursion to an interesting place out of the slum (once a year) 
How will the children benefit from the donation? 
  • 5 EUR - A school bag
  • 10 EUR - Nutritious meals for one child during a month 
  • 11 EUR - Medical healthcare to one child during one year 
  • 11 EUR - Education materials and books for one child 
  • 38 EUR - Literacy course for parents
We believe that it is important to emphasize the importance of education within the community. The parents of children can participate at literacy classes and workshops on social and health topics. The centre also supports older children whose parents can´t fund the secondary school admission and exam fees. 

Join us and give the poor Bangladeshi children a future. Even a small donation can make difference.

Donate education. Donate the future.
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