APERIO – Společnost pro zdravé rodičovství, z.s.

Socially Disadvantaged Groups Legislative and Legal Aid

Free counselling service for parents

For already 15 years, counselling service Aperio is here for parents in crisis. With professionalism and free of charge it offers legal and psychological aid to all parents who need it. Support its activities with recurring donations. We believe that good advice at the right time can save the situation of an entire family.

Help parents to give support to their children again!

Good advice at the right time can save the situation of an entire family. Thank you for helping parents with us.
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Exhaustion, helplessness, sadness, misunderstanding. Parents experience all of the mentioned in difficult life situations. In such moments, it is difficult for parents to their children. Mothers and fathers need support too, as well as high quality information and to orient themselves in a difficult situation. This is provided by parenting counselling – professionally and free of charge.

Join us and support PARENTING COUNSELLING. You can donate with a one-time donation. If you opt for a smaller amount donated monthly, we will be very grateful. We can then effectively plan our work.

Being a parent is, for me, the most difficult but also the most beautiful task that I have, but even mom and dad sometimes need help, advice, to vent, reassure or just be told they are doing a good job. In such cases, our friend Aperio is here for us.”
Michaela Maurerová, actress, donor 

Experts in the areas of law and psychology help parents to get back on track. They offer advice online, as well as through phone and face-to-face sessions. During existence of our counselling service we answered over 45 000 questions raised by parents. 

200 CZK covers 1 question in on-line counselling
300 CZK allows us to answer 1 question in phone counselling
500 CZK ensures one face-to-face consultation. 

Thank you for helping parents with us. 

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APERIO – Společnost pro zdravé rodičovství, z.s.

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APERIO – Společnost pro zdravé rodičovství, z.s.

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