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Education and Research Socially Disadvantaged Groups

I want to succeed, that's why I'm studying!

They want to succeed, but they need your help. Support Romani students in pursuit of their dreams.

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 I want to succeed, that's why I'm studying!
The ROMEA scholarship program has been helping Romani students since 2016. In that time, thanks to your support, we have also helped hundreds of students on their way to a better education. The proof is in the successful graduates who are now studying at universities or working in the field they studied.

This year, thanks to your help, we were also able to support 80 high school, college and university students. However, every year we struggle with a lack of funding, and this year has been very difficult given the situation in the world.

For the next school year we need to fund the missing part of the budget of 500,000 CZK.

The new scholarship recipients have produced a video saying:  I want to succeed, that's why I'm studying!

Donate to the scholarship program and help Roma students follow their dreams. Investing in education pays off!!!

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 I want to succeed, that's why I'm studying!
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