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Pulsing dashes ~ ~ movement art performance

MANUS Art Collective °° today patronizing the year-round activity of a considerable group of people is an energetic structure cooperating with several artists with their own production team. Pulse of lines ~ ~ ~ poetic image of movement and drawing We are looking for forms of how the body can become an abstract object, a canvas for drawing. As the body beats so does the rhythm of the brush and penetrates through the body. A world is created into which the viewer enters. The poetic image of movement and drawing creates networks, landscapes of lines that connect us to the past and create future possibilities. It goes back to the roots and the strength of the essence of the individual but also the strength of the group.

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Pulse of lines
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The project is created with the collaboration of choreographer Štěpána Nlasa Mfuta, painter Lukáš Musil and composer, producer and singer Sára Vondrášková who is behind the music.
We connect live drawing and dance movement accompanied by live music.

A multitude of bodies that breathe together but can also exist as an individual. The body, the matter, the endlessly circulating liquid that circulates and ceases, regenerates. Vibrant life inside, graphic signage outside. The constant urge to connect and disconnect  to move forward and look back.

We decided to go through the search for an abstract form of drawing expression in connection with the body. Puls of lines don't deliver the story it create a world that the audience are a part of a scene. They become guides, creating landscapes and networks through lines that connect us to the past and bring the possibility of the future. Through the lines we get to ourselves, to our roots, the strength of the individual, but also the strength of the group. A line as something towards which we are directed, something that grows through us outwards and inwards. Communication, sign, symbol, font, point. Perception of the body as a landscape itself but also as a landscape that is part of a whole.

Donated, invested funds will support the creation of this multidisciplinary project - it will cover the expenses associated with the production of scenography, the technical parts of the show itself and we believe the artists themselves, who have been working on the creation for a year.

Premiere 17.9. 2024, Jatka78
~ with the premiere will be a vernissage and an exhibition of works by the artist Lukáš Musil
~~ you can learn more about us and our activities from the website
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