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We want to create a world that erases limits, allows people with paralysis to overcome obstacles and experience the success of self-sufficiency in person. VR Medical is a certified technology for physiotherapy and ergotherapy developed in collaboration with therapists, doctors and patients.

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Why virtual reality?

Rehabilitation in virtual reality replaces motor functions with motor learning elements and allows the transfer of acquired skills to active life. After an injury, surgery or illness, we aim to restore range of motion, muscle strength and overall fitness. We don't forget to train balance or fine motor skills.
The visual feedback from the VR headset motivates the person with a disability to increase the intensity of exercise and the quality of performance.
The interactive environment supports engagement in long-term rehabilitation. Virtual reality motivates the wheelchair user to actively participate in the therapy and increases the interest to complete the exercises in the highest possible quality.

How does virtual reality help?

The client of ParaCENTRUM Fenix, Pavel Grmela, is a young man living the active life. He started using our organization's services regularly in 2015, about twelve months after his motorcycle accident. Since then he had come a long way both physically and mentally, but there is still space to improve his life in terms of daily self-sufficiency.
Pavel is a member of the Czech national wheelchair basketball team, i.e. good physical shape is very important for him. Virtual reality would not only allow the European Championship finalist to make the therapy more variable, at the same time the intensity of therapy can be higher thanks to its effect on multiple senses. Great variability of the programmes makes the therapy even more complex. Body stability and reflexes, correct movement stereotypes and movements coordination can be trained at the same time.
Virtual reality would be used by all clients of ParaCENTRUM Fenix, who regularly come to us every week for physiotherapy and ergotherapy, about 150 people after spinal cord injury.

Thank you!

Regular rehabilitation and exercise are integral part of life for wheelchair users. Without these efforts, they would not be able to carry out the normal activities of day-to-day living and would in many cases make them dependent on significant assistance from others. Thank you for helping us support their independence which they continually strive to build and maintain.

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