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Friday 8 September 2023 a 6.8 earthquake struck Morocco causing widespread devastation, especially in the epicentre in the High Atlas Mountains, 75km south of Marrakesh; tremors were felt in the capital Rabat 350 km away. More than 3000 deaths have been reported and a similar number injured. Both rural and urban areas have been affected, with reports of entire rural villages flattened and people sleeping in the open even in Marrakesh. Infrastructure has been badly affected. Disaster Aid Europe are liaising with our country partners in Disaster Aid International and working with our Rotarians in Morocco. We know our expertise safe water solutions will be of enormous benefit. We now hope you will help us to help the local communities to rebuild.

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Disaster Aid Europe z.s (www.disasteraideurope.com ) has experience  since 2018 in providing support to Albanian, Beirut and Ukrainian  Rotarians in helping to rebuild communities after several earthquakes (Durres, Albania), a port explosion (Beirut, Lebanon) and the war in Ukraine.  We are now working closely with Turkish Rotarians to provide specific help and support to the earthquake victims in Turkey & Syria.

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