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MANUS Art Collective °° collective, a platform of choreographers and performers in the field of the Czech dance scene since 2020. However, we are currently facing financial problems and we wish a fair reward for everyone who participates in the organization and overall provision of the activities of the association. The achieved state subsidies are lower than the expenses associated with the work of individual members and the organization of projects and workshops. That is why we choose use this platform. By supporting, you will contribute to the creation and running of original productions and activities in the moment of growth. We will be happy if you join us in our journey.

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MANUS, today patronizing the year-round activity of a considerable group of people, are an energetic structure cooperating with several artists with their own production team.
International cooperation started this year, which is reflected in the new Xposure project and in the upcoming workshop for the general public called Physical body eXposure. We perceive foreign collaboration as an important step not only in establishing contacts, but also in the future for the entire artistic community, which will enable the organization of more exchange experiences, whether through workshops, seminars or creative collaborations. We believe in the power of dance, theater and live art. We believe in its topicality and importance, and therefore in its ability to connect viewers, culture fans and professional society

Is creating connection with artists from Belgium, Slovakia and Spain. The project began as part of the new work of The Backyard collective based in Belgium. The creative process began in October 2020, thanks to a residency at the K.A.V.K.A studio. and OC NOVA in Antwerp. This is where the first research and preparation of the project began.
The name XPOSURE is derived from the word expose, where it is the exposure of the internal world, the subconscious and the hidden internal processes of an individual. Xposure works through abstract and visual media based on specific movement material that represents inner emotional conflict through the expression of the female body.

Physical body exposure
The workshop is hosted by Belgium-based artists Júlia Godino Llorens (ESP) and Meike Stevens (NL).
Two intensive weeks will offer classes based on strong physicality influenced by the flying low technique, work with isolation of the body and floorwork.

In parallel with the foreign artists, preparations for the Xposure performance with selected dancers will take place.

It is also important for us to maintain the existing repertoire.

Míření is a contemporary dance choreography that combines dance, live production of music, words and singing, projection and light design tailored to the purpose of the performance. The work is inspired by Guillaume Apollinaire.

Košilice and Okšila, which was inspired by the nonsense poetry of Christian Morgenstern and the shirt. A piece of clothing that has the power to change character and behavior in society.

The End of Blaho is Jolana Šturmová's authorial statement from texts collected during the lockdown and the covid period of quarantine.

NomHades is a project inspired by the migration wave and refugee life. This project was internationally supported by the Visegrad Fund institution, and part of the work was created as part of a creative residency at the Bakelit Multi Art Center in Budapest.

Árbakkinn pictorial renderings inspired by Icelandic poetry, the landscape within us and the landscape that surrounds us. In 2021, Árbakkinn was supported and selected for the New Blood program organized by the New Network platform.

And the preparation of the new project and the year 2024
We are preparing a new performance in collaboration with the artist Lukáš Musil called Čárokraj, which will have its unique presentation in autumn 2024 at Jatka78.

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