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As the first cynological unit in the Czech Republic, but also in the whole European Union, we were given the opportunity to go to help in southeastern Ukraine. We went. We also want to go to help wherever we are needed in the future. Thanks to your support, we will not have to deal with financial support from the state. We will be able to go where we are needed. Not where finance and politics will let us go.

we started on 2023-07-06
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Sometimes you feel like the whole world has gone crazy. Well, since February 24, 2022, when war broke out a few thousand miles away. War without scruples, war without rules. A war where anything is possible.
 And in this world, unfortunately, one click of a button, a trigger, and there's no place to hold your prom. No place to shop, no place to give birth. And when the war moves on, it's a big no-man's land. A land that Death has swept through. Death that steals the chance to finish your story.

During 2022, we started training in the Czech Republic under the guidance of John Miskelly, a foreign mentor and trainer of the international professional organization NTIDPU, who shortly afterwards invited us to establish the international rescue organization Response Rescue International. Together with Scotland, we became the first piece of the jigsaw which today includes 12 national organisations from Germany and Poland, among others. And Ukraine.

Response Rescue International Czech Republic currently has a trained team ready to go to help. There is only one thing missing. We need to cover the costs of the mission. And we can't do it without you.

Our basic call-out unit consists of one SUV with a technician, handler/dog and field intervention equipment (we call them the Anvil) and a monitoring vehicle/mobile infirmary (we call it the Heart), with up to five additional volunteers on board, ready at any time to either support the Anvil or augment its field operations. 

The Heart also includes the possibility of creating a field dispensary following the role of the military CCP, where basic pre-medical assistance is provided.
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