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CAR - A Necessity for Starting the Construction

We already know that we will start the construction of the secondary school in Kashit on June 12. However, we still need a car - a reliable means of transport for transporting construction materials and workers! Come and do it with us, so that in the summer local people can build the first building of the future secondary school under the guidance of Czech builders! Thank you!

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The original call of the collection:

How to get involved?

1 - Make a financial donation and choose a form of Thank you:

  • a postcard from Kashitu children 
  • a video-greetings from Kashitu
  • a name on the brick built into the building 
  • a name on the car 
  • a T-shirt as for a team member

2 - Do you know someone we could ask for a partnership / sponsorship?


Why the car and what we have done so far for the realization of the high school project freely?

The Kashitu people cleared 12.5 ha of the construction land by themselves and built an accessing way from the road to the construction site (450 meters). Volunteer builders from the ICWD implementation team received a UNDP grant for almost 950,000 CZK to build the first building of the secondary school in Kashitu this summer on the innovative brick making mashines. The condition is that the building is built this year, otherwise the money will have to be returned.

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However, we still need a car - a reliable means of transport that can transport construction materials, tools and also workers. For more efficient transport of a large amount of building materials, we will also purchase a trailer. 

Is not financially worthwhile to rent a car for the entire duration of our stay in Zambia. Buying a car will allow us to use the car after the end of our first construction stage. 

With help of the local people, we are looking for a used but still quality car.  Considering the options found so far, we estimate its price at CZK 400,000. In addition, to the generous donors, here at Darujme.cz, we are also looking for  the corporate donors.

The availability of spare parts is essential for a car and thus be able to solve problems as simply and quickly as possible.

The car will be needed also for the next stages of the construction of the secondary school. That's why we want to buy it and give it as an investment to the local non-profit NRCS. It will take care of the car. At the same time, they will use it for their projects that they provide to the local people in Kashitu (18.000 inhabitans). Nobody in Kashitu owns a car, and such a car will make life easier for them. 

Transportation of the construction material from the construction sites to nearby cities, transportation of material from a nearby quarry, overall logistics within the construction process.

Please help us get a car and a trailer so we can start building this summer! Make a donation to make children's dreams of affordable high school a reality! Zambians will build with us! 
Thank you!

Do you know our bricklayers and bricks? 
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We bought a car with a loan from our own money. It be ours and generate money for the next phase of construction, the collection continues

Dear donors and supporters,

we have bought the car so far with a loan from our own money, using the so-called cash flow, but the collection will continue. We do not yet have a target amount for the car collection (CZK 200,000 from smaller donors here https://www.darujme.cz/auto-na-stavbu + 200,000 from larger donors), but we already need the builders to start working, transport brick makers from Lusaka to Kashitu and buy building materials.

Which means: We bought the car with the money we have in the account so far. However, what we have there is only for building materials (plus some car donations). If it is not possible to get financing for the car at the moment when the last building material will be bought and there is nothing left to pay for it, we will sell the car and buy the last material. But it will be a shame. We probably won't get as much for the sale of the car as when we bought it (we estimate a loss of approx. 50,000 CZK for wear and tear of the car) and it won't be able to earn money "on its own" for the next stage of construction.

If we manage to get financing for the car, then the car will be ours and it will be given to the local organization New Renato. She will be able to use it under the condition that the profit from its use will preferentially go to the fund for the next stage of construction.
So we are asking you to donate to the car. It can be a prime investment item that will itself generate funds for the next building.
And what's better than something that makes money "on its own"? You can support here: https://www.darujme.cz/auto-na-stavbu.

Thank you!

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What happened already?

  • 17.6. they arrived in Kashitu where they were warmly welcomed by the local community

  • they were buying construction tools and equipment in Lusaka and also were looking for a car we need for construction (on which this collection is) 
  • 14.6. they met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Jan Lipavský, at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Zambia, to whom they presented the Kashitu Secondary School Project 
  • 12.6. the first builders Petr, Matěj and Pája flew to Lusaka (the capital of Zambia)

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Příspěvek na projekt školy v Kashitu zasílám za Gymnázium Pierra de Coubertina, kde ji pro vás na festivalu Open (Pi)Air vybrali dobrovolníci z DofE (Duke of Edinburgh Award). Hodně štěstí při stavbě, ať se daří a auto dobře poslouží :-)

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