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We believe that no matter what part of the world we live in, we should not forget where we come from. That's why we founded My Czech School and we are creating a website for parents and teachers of Czech children. Materials, information, advice and networking in one place.

we started on 2023-03-24

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We are a non-profit organisation Moje česká škola and we are creating a webguide full of information about the education of children abroad. Your donation will support our work. Thank you.

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We are creating a webguide full of materials, answers to questions that expatriate parents have about education, publishing reading books, and we are organising competitions for expats children.

We help Czech teachers, parents and children, whether they are living abroad for a short or long term.

Does that make sense to you because you have your own experience as a expatriot? Has our portal helped you? We will be glad for your support! We are a small non-profit organisation and work largely as volunteers. We will use your support to run our webguide.

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