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Support the creation of Czech reading books for children of compatriots

Do you come from the Czech Republic and live abroad with your children for a short or long period of time? Then you may know how difficult it can be to maintain or even develop your children's knowledge of Czech in a multilingual environment. We have had similar experiences ourselves, so we founded the non-profit organisation Moje ceska skola to help expatriate children and their parents and teachers. One of our projects is a book series called "Cti cesky", in which we publish reading books and other educational materials for simplified reading - texts tailored to children and parents living abroad. Your contribution will support the creation of another of these beautiful reading books.

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Do you like our reading books for expatriate children?

We are a non-profit organisation Moje ceska skola and we create simplified readeing books for Czech children. Your contribution will support the creation of another one of them. Thank you for your support.
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We are a group of enthusiasts who, starting in 2020, are creating a webguide full of advice, recommendations and teaching materials on Czech for multilingual children. Thanks to your donation, our expert team will prepare another reading book with amazing illustrations by graphic artist Eliska Vojtech. It will be a pleasure for you and your children.

In the "Cti cesky" edition we have published the following titles, which we offer for free download HERE:

  1. The tale of Horymir and Semik
  2. Hundred-tower Prague
  3. (we are currently preparing a reading book about Brno)
For whom are the teaching materials intended?

  • for compatriots who live abroad permanently, as well as for those who are outside the Czech Republic for a short period of time, for example for work reasons
  • for expatriates who live in localities without a Czech community, as well as for those who are part of an active expatriate community and want to help together
  • for parents who want to educate their children on their own, and for teachers who are looking for a place where they can have quality educational materials in one place
  • for teachers, parents and expatriates around the world - whether you live in Europe, an Asian city or the mountains of South America
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Thank you for your support.

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