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Vendelínek's oncological treatment

I have a malignant tumor in my nasal cavity. It sounds horrible, but it's something you can live with. And I've been living with this tumor for almost three years. Sometimes at the vet's office they shake their heads at me and becaue of how amazingly and for quite a long time I've been coping with the treatment. I have chemo every month and the treatment is very expensive. So I would like to ask you for a helping paw. For half a year for now.

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Happy kitty

Hello friends,

my name is Vendelínand I was born in summer 2011 in Prague's Olšany. My mum is Sněhurka, an unspayed girl-cat somebody threw out to the streets. I don't remember my dad - he was probably one of the stray male-cats, who lived around the feeding spots.
Just like every other kitty I liked being a part of all sorts of shenanigans with my friends. Climbing trees, playing tag, or catching flies. I wasjust enjoying my life to the fullest.

My eye is bugging me

I had a "blister" on my eye that just kept growing and growing. I don't know where it came from - if I had some sort of infection or if I poked my eye during one of our crazy games. Because of this I was accepted into foster care and it got name "protruded cornea of the eye". This was followed by examinations and surgeries with an ophthalmologist and endless eye dripping. Unfortunately, after a few weeks the stitched eye loosened again and a second operation followed, this time with the use of an implant (actually - a patch). And again we dripped and dripped... So much that I developed wariness and shyness towards humans from this intensive care. However, the eye was saved!

Something's happening

Everything seemed rosy, I got used to the warm bed and tolerated the presence of a human. The days passed like water. I played and frolicked and didn't even think about that sore eye anymore. I sneezed and had a cold from time to time, but since I'm no crybaby, I couldn't be bothered.

But it didn't seem normal to my auntie, especially when my problems returned after just several months after treatment, then more and more often, later even weeks after treatment. "Venda, have you got snotty nose again?" she asked me. She didn't even wait for my answer that it was nothing and we went to the vet. Our vet recommended a clinic that does rhinoscopy to look into that naughty nose - and that's when I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in my left nasal cavity - adenocarcinoma.

I have a malignant tumor 

We started chemotherapy to treat the tumor. Once a month I was brought to the vet, where the doctor shaved my leg and injected a cannula with medicine directly into my vein. I got used to seeing the doctor regularly, which was always accompanied by a little pinch.

But in the summer of 2021, a turning point came. The blood vessels in my paws have had enough of the neverending piercing and said enough! Make other arrangements, because nothing will get past us anymore. And there it was, blood draws and cannulations could no longer be done through the blood vessels and there was a major change in treatment. I started getting pills of the medicine directly into my mouth.
I had to go through this disgusting pastime 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). At first, I tolerated the pills, although I did not feel comfortable taking them. But as time went on, I began to hate them. The evening part of the day was the worst part for me, I knew my auntie would come and try to shove the nastiness down my throat.
So I started protesting. I hid. Under the bed, under the couch, wherever I couldn't be found. It didn't work. I let out a shriek of terror at being caught, running, scratching, sputtering and hissing around.

I am fighting!

And then, once, I didn't really swallow the medicine. I've won! I thought. This tactic finally worked! I celebrated, I was all caught up in this win. But suddenly my I've heard inner voice say, "How foolish you are, Vendelín. The tumor won't just go away. And if you still want to enjoy nice moments with your friends, treatment is essential." I realized my mistake. In the meantime, the lady had arranged with the doctor to return to the original treatment with The Drip for a while.
And so from August 2022, I have been going back every month for that pinching visit. No protests now, though, because I know the treatment is vital to me. That each successive shave of my leg will ensure more time with my feline friends. Every cannula stick means another opportunity for me to enjoy the raw meat I love so much. And that this chemo gives me more time in this world.

If you would like to donate a little bit of this time to me and sponsor my treatment, I am going to be endlessly thankful. I really like it here, in this world!
Your Venda

Venda's treatment is going great, he is eating well and you can see just how happy and content he is. Unfortunately, it is very financially challenging, on average it costs 6000 CZK a month, which is the reason why we decided to proceed with this fundraiser. For half a year for now. 
We are going to be eternally thankful for any kind of financial help for Vendelínek, money will be used for his treatment and food. This little warrior really does deserve it. Thank you loads and loads.
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Beautiful meow day,
I am sending you a video with greetings 😼. But as you can see, I really don't like filming myself.


💬 Venda went to chemotherapy this month too 🩸 and sends you greetings.
The control bloods turned out excellent 😻, the antibiotics 💊 also worked, but she will take them for at least another 2 weeks.

💬 Venda greets everyone from March chemotherapy 🩸.
In the nose near the tumor, the bacteria 🦠 wanted to start holding an illegal party again. The doctor 👩‍⚕️ ruined this fun for them by using antibiotics 💊. Because when bacteria multiply, Vend's nose runs even more 🤧 and it's harder for him to breathe.
Otherwise, he is doing great, basking well 😼 and cuddling ♥.

👋 Hello friends!
Despite the severe cold outside ❄️, I went on a trip around Prague yesterday morning 🎒. I carefully hid in the blanket and requested a place on the heated passenger seat ✌️. When we got off at Chodov, it dawned on me that I had been tricked and that the trip had turned into a visit to the vet... 😾 As you can see from the photo, I arrived at the doctor's office properly sneezed at. There are three reasons why this is so.
1️⃣ First of all - I have a tumor in my nose, so noodles often come out of it.
2️⃣ Secondly - I don't wash myself very much.
3️⃣ Third - I hate it when someone else wants to wash me.
Finally, during the chemotherapy, the doctor washed me, rinsed my nose a little and took samples from it for culture 🧫. I let her do it because she put me to sleep easily and then I had no more arguments 🙈. Otherwise, everything else is fine, my blood tests are perfect again, I've even gained a little weight 💪. I just inhaled antibiotics for two weeks 💊 so that the bacteria in the carrier would tame again and stop thinking that they are the directors of the globe.
Have a great time everyone, greetings from Vendelín! 😻

💬 Hello friends, I have to write you a good news! I had my first chemotherapy and check-up of the year at the same time 💪. The doctor found out that the hematological and biochemical examination of my blood came out on top with an asterisk 😻🙏! I'm very happy about it, because I don't have to take any additional medicines or stick to disgusting diets and I can live as unrestricted as my healthy cat friends 🥳. I lost a little weight last month and haven't managed to gain it back yet, but I like the food very much, I don't throw up even after chemotherapy. Sometimes they shake their heads at me at the vet, how wonderfully and for quite a long time I've been coping with the treatment, but they're happy for me 😻. Hopefully I won't shout it, so I'd rather knock on wood: knock, knock, knock. Tap for me as well and keep your fingers crossed for me in the new year! Best regards and thanks Vendelín.😘

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Vendelínkovi přejeme brzké uzdravení. ❤️

Alice Pospíchalová
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Moc děkujeme, Ali 😽🙏

Tlapro z. s.

Ať je Venouškovi lépe.. Je to statečný kocourek :-) Posílám pusinku :-) :-) :-)

Adéla Bočková
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Adélko, mockrát Vám děkujeme a Venda také posílá pusinku 😽😽😽

Tlapro z. s.


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Tlapro z. s.

Držím palce!

Vladana Janů
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Děkujeme, Vladanko 😻❤️

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Ať je léčba úspěšná 🍀

Ivana Bačinská

Ivanko, také si to přejeme 🍀🙏

Tlapro z. s.

Vendelínku, držíme ti všichni palečky a tlapičky, aby léčba maximálně pomohla. Jsi statečný chlapeček a věřím, že vše zvládneš na 1*.🥰🥰🥰

Martina Benediktová
CZK 500

Marti, velmi Vám děkujeme za milá slova a podporu pro Vendu 🙏❤️

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Držím všechny tlapky

Šárka Fáberová
CZK 300

Šári, moc Vám děkujeme 😽🙏

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Hodně štěstí, Vendo!

Jana Doležalová
CZK 2,000

Děkujeme, Jani ☺️🙏

Tlapro z. s.

Ať každý další den přinese Vendelínkovi radost 😻


Moc Vám děkujeme, Lindo 🙏

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