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We are a public beneficial company, our mission is to improve conditions in society - in 25 years we have helped ten thousand women give birth with respect and dignity, and every year we help the new generation to develop with respect and dignity from the beginning in hundreds of families who are our clients. The entrance fee from our programs and grants are not sufficient to spread this vision to the world and, above all, real operation of the A centrum in Prague-Karlin. We need, welcome and appreciate the support of you and your extended family, community, company. At this moment, the A center has funds available and only from the operation - entrances to the program, space rentals and sales of goods. We will only find out in February 2023 whether the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the Municipality of The city of Prague will support our grant applications for 2023, and we would only receive the funds in our account in April - how much it will be and whether - we don't know now. This situation repeats itself every year, but this year we no longer have the reserves that we issued during the covid period. At the moment, we lack CZK 150,000 for the operation of the center until April and another CZK 450,000 CZK until the end of 2023, just for basic operation, if we receive grants. Thank you for not leaving us alone and contributing with us to the healing current of change in our society. We appreciate the energy you give us.

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