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Foster warehouse

The foster warehouse in Horoměřice is a meeting place for surrogate parents from all over the Czech Republic. It is a place to get to know each other, to share information, but especially to obtain important material assistance for children in care. It is of greatest importance for temporary foster parents, who sometimes take over the child from hour to hour and where they do not know the child's age in advance and act as a crisis measure.

Please contribute to the operation of the Foster Warehouse. You will contribute to children and support nature by recycling things for further use. Thank you!

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Foster parents are people who offer a place in their hearts to children who are not biologically theirs. They give them love, stability and a safe home. Temporary foster carers, on the other hand, as a crisis institute, provide care for endangered children in a current crisis. They often give a temporary home to several children a year. Both groups help the state to care for children at risk.

The Foster Warehouse project offers support and assistance directed directly to the needs of adopted children.
The foster store operates on the principle of human solidarity with the motto "Don't throw away, donate".
People provide things, our volunteers sort them, store them and then gradually distribute them to those in need.
We save donors work with recycling, recipients money for new things and nature energy.
There are many things and it is a shame not to accept them due to lack of space. Larger space also brings a greater financial burden.

By donating, you will help keep this necessary place running for foster families, who are our main target group.

Thank you for your current and future support.
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