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Help Barvolam survive the winter!

Support our unique cultural project with a social impact! Due to the lack of funding from other sources, we need your help so that Barvolam can continue its activities.

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What is Barvolam?

Since 2016, Barvolam has been supporting artists labeled as "intellectually disabled" or "autistic". In 2021, we opened a shared studio in Školská Street in Prague 1 for these neurodiverse artists. Here they have a stable place for their work and access to art materials so that they can develop their artistic potential and talent unhindered. They are supported by a team of "art facilitators", who are mostly art school graduates. This makes the studio a meeting place for artists with different experiences and life stories. They all share an interest in art, the joy of being together, the desire to help and inspire each other.
Barvolam actively seeks the inclusion of neurodiverse artists in the cultural sphere. In addition to running the studio, Barvolam seeks out opportunities for artists to exhibit and compiles portfolios for the artists. In doing so, Barvolam brings not only their work but also the stories of their life journeys to the public's attention.

Why do we need financial help from you?

Barvolam is a non-profit and funds almost all of its operations and activities from outside sources. Due to the uncertain outcome of next year's grant applications, we need to raise funds from other sources, that is from you - donors.

What do we need money for?

We are now actually fighting for our survival. At the moment we need money mainly for the facilities and basic operation of Barvolam, for rent and for utilities.

Why support Barvolam?

*Barvolam is unique!

*Barvolam is one of the few organizations that focuses on the development of neurodiverse artists and that presents their work to the public.

*Neurodiverse artists do not have the opportunity to study in art schools and therefore the Barvolam studio is one of the few places where they can develop their talent.
*Barvolam is a unique community of trained and untrained artists who inspire and support each other.

*Barvolam spreads awareness of the talents and needs of neurodiverse people.

Thank you to everyone who chooses to contribute!
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Držím palce!!

Martin Pfann
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Moc si preju, aby jste mohli dal pokracovat a drzim pesti, aby prispelo co nejvice lidi.❤

Alena Šafránková
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Držím palce!

Marie Veselá

Tak na ten další měsíc :)

Dita Vojířová

Keep on painting!

Klaas Rowaan
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Držím palce, ať zvládnete nejen tuto zimu.

Dagmar Ultzenová
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Moc Vám fandím a děkuju za Akord.

Jana Návarová

Většinu vašich akcí mám zapsanou v diáři a nakonec nepřijdu ... snad se mi to v novém roce podaří, držím palce!

Dita Vojířová
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