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Christmas Angel Certificate = a gift that helps homeless animals

Christmas is a holiday of calm, peace and good deeds 🎄. Most of us will spend them with our loved ones. We will stuff ourselves with sweets until our bellies hurt and enjoy fairy tales snuggled under a blanket with a cat 🐈 or a dog 🐕 on our lap. Unfortunately, not all animals are lucky enough to enjoy this well-being. Some don't even have anyone to take care of them when they are hurt or sick 😿. If you would like to help provide veterinary care for homeless animals, you can support them through the Christmas Angel Certificate ❤️.

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Proceeds from the "Christmas Angel" certificate will be donated to care for homeless cats. Because these animals really won't spend Christmas in the warmth of the family hearth, but outside in the winter 😿.
By purchasing a certificate, you will contribute to quality VETERINARY CARE 🩺, which is necessary for these animals to survive outside. Your donation will therefore help ensure neutering, basic treatment (checking ears, teeth, treatment against internal and external parasites) and treatment and treatment of sick or injured homeless cats 🙏.

Would you like to give your loved ones a gift that will please them and at the same time help animals in need?
Choose a variant of the gift certificate with the recipient's name. This gift will please you twice ❤️🐾.

How does it work?
1. For a contribution worth CZK 500, we will send you a "Christmas Angel" certificate.
2. Choose an option:
    * A – Certificate for you = in your name
    * B – Certificate as a gift = in the recipient's name
    * C – I don't need a certificate = I just want to help
3. For variants A and B, write to us by e-mail: in which name you want to issue the certificate.
4. We will then send you the certificate in electronic form by e-mail. In A4 size and in pdf and jpeg format.
5. Yupiiii! You are a Christmas angel for homeless animals! Thank you so much for helping ❤️.

We will send you the certificate within 5 working days of receiving the email with the name.
We will issue the last certificates on 12/22/2022, so they can make it under the tree 🎄.
Please note that it may take a few days for the donation to be credited using a bank transfer, so from December 18th we recommend using a card payment 😉.

On the certificate you will find the cat Anička, thanks to which our Adél got to take care of outdoor cats 🙏.
Anička was one of the biggest feline personalities from the feeding place in Olšany.
Since the fall of 2021, she has been suffering from kidney disease 😿, so she was placed in our care. At the feeding place, we are not able to watch over her eating her diet granules and we have her under control in no time ✌️.

Something about us 
We believe in a world where every animal 🐱🐶🐮🐷🐝🦔 has their rights and lives a dignified life. 
We change the destinies of pets 🐈 🐕 who end up on the street due to the irresponsibility of their owners. We fight against outdated ideas and prejudices about cats and dogs. 
We provide food, veterinary treatment and neutering so that no animal outside has to suffer and die a slow and painful death. 
We want a better life for homeless animals ❤️.

🙏 Our organization only works thanks to people like YOU, with hearts in the right place, who care about homeless animals. Thank YOU so much for changing their fate and making their life better ❤️.
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Přeji všem kočičkám mnoho štědrosti a lidem, co se o ně takto starají, mnoho zdraví a díků, za vaši práci a oddanost celé věci.
Vaši kočkomilové.

Irena Petráková
CZK 500

Irenko, moc Vám děkujeme za milá slova ❤️. Moc si toho vážíme 🙏

Tlapro z. s.

Přeji ať je všem zvířátkům teplo, nemají hlad a jsou zdravá. Děkuji za to, že jste! Bez vás by to nešlo ♥️

Lenka Jurčíková
CZK 300

Leni, moc Vám děkujeme za krásná slova ❤️. A pro zvířátka si přejeme úplně to samé 🙏.

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