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Apolinář's cats

The goal of the project is to create a background and monitored feeding places for the local cat population. With your donation, you will contribute to their castration, feeding and establishment of feeding places, as well as to basic veterinary care.

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There is a colony of stray cats in the fenced obstetrics and gynecology complex Apolinař.

Our goal is to provide castrations and basic veterinary care for these animals. Furthermore, in cooperation with the hospital staff, the construction of reserved feeding places and suitable facilities. All with the approval of the director of the General University Hospital in Prague.

How do captures actually take place?
All cat captures are carried out by a person qualified for this, i.e. is the owner of the "Permit for capturing stray, stray and abandoned animals".
Before the capture itself, there is a ban on feeding the cats (24 hours in advance) for the reason that there is a greater chance of "attracting" the cats to the trap. Fragrant meat or wet food is used for this.
For each caught animal, it is necessary to check whether it is not already castrated, whether it is not pregnant or lactating and whether it is not a kitten.
Nothing happens to the cats while they are caught in the trap, they are immediately safely moved by a professional person to the crate and stored in such a way that the cat is calm and experiences as little stress as possible.

After the end of the capture, all the remaining cats in the area are fed with a good portion of meat and pellets as a reward :)

Please help us ensure a better life for the Apolinář´s Cats. 
Thank you all very much for your interest and possible help ❤️.

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The project started in April 2022 and the following activities were carried out from April to August 2022:
* Captures of cats for the purpose of castration – 9 captures in total, 10 cats were captured and neutered.
* Rescue of the kitten Helenka. Despite all efforts, she left in 05/2022 :( . More information can be found at: 
* Ensuring treatment and subsequent temporary care for the cat Juliana. You can find more about the cat at:
* Provision of temporary care for two "Destroyer Commando" kittens from cat Juliána and their subsequent handover for adoption. The kittens are doing great, you can find more information at:
* Supply of feed supplies for kittens and cats in the area, more information can be found at:  


The Princess is considered the "founder" of the local population. This is an approximately 16-year-old black-and-white cat, which is the rightful bearer of its name - it walks through the grounds of Apolinář as if it were its own estate. Even though she is quite used to people and petting, she won't let herself be caught, she has her pride after all.

A few years ago, the princess was castrated by a local doctor at her own expense. However, over the years of presence of cats in the premises of the Apolinář, the local population has grown considerably, and currently it is composed of both natives and animals that have wandered here and have already stayed. Many local kittens have found new homes with hospital staff over the years.

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