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Insulation of the shelter

We urgently need to insulate the building of our dog shelter. High energy prices are causing us problems. Insulation could mitigate the impact of price increases.

we started on 2022-08-31
We're very grateful for every coin you send to the doggies to make sure they're warm in the winter. :-)
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Our dear supporters, friends and donors, we have a big request...

We in the nonprofit organisation Pet Heroes have been helping doggies and kitties in need for almost 10 years now. We're not indifferent to any life, be it abandoned, abused or handicapped animals. We're concerned not only with the direct care of animals but also with public education and we try to change the world through systemic changes. All of it for the animal souls.

We want a better world for our pets but also for people who care about their fates.

We've been operating the shelter in Lanškroun since January 2022, but it has been functioning much longer than that. In the shelter, we heal the doggies, take care of them and restore their faith in humans. Every dog is regularly going for a walk, either with one of the workers or volunteers. Interns from agriculture high schools also come to us, they help with socialization and the running of the entire shelter. 
Via the whole shelter, we're gaining experience and analysing the issue of animals in need in practice, so that we can create systemic solutions. 

Now to the point…

The dog shelter in Lanškroun needs your help. There is a lack of funds to insulate the building in which we care for dogs without a home. In the shelter, we also have some older doggies, who need to be warm during the winter months.
For example, the eleven years old Riči, who probably has lung cancer, can't walk well and is in the shelter since 2013 won't probably find a home at all and it's our duty to take care of his well-being.

Or the energetic André, who is very fond of destroying everything warm that we put in his kennel.

We've been coping with high energy cost for a long time and with current price increases, costs have skyrocketed.
The only way to mitigate the impact of extremely high energy prices is to insulate the entire shelter building in Lanškroun.

The building is big and the price of such insulation is estimated to reach up to CZK 850,000 (EUR 35 000). 

Please, we're asking you and will be very grateful for any donation for the insulation of the shelter for dogs and cats in Lanškroun. Now matter how small the donation, every coin helps.
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