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Serious illnesses or serious injuries are always a life-threatening situation 😿 and in these situations we cannot and do not want to think about whether we will provide help to the cat because we do not have enough funds in the account. We are simply rescuers and the cat's life is the most important thing to us. So we are asking for your help with the payment of unplanned veterinary expenses so that we can help as much as possible and the best we can. Thank you very much 🙏❤️

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„I hit the hard ground, there is a lot of noise and movement everywhere. I have no idea what‘s going on or where I came from. It‘s a terrible place. I curl up in a ball and wait. Waiting to see if my owner will come back or if this is the end of me. I wait here for several long minutes. Suddenly I notice someone approaching me. I get scared. And I instinctively bite, several times. In the end, I‘m trapped anyway. Where are they taking me? Why are they locking me in that thing? I‘m too stressed and tired, I fall asleep. I wake up in a room with people in white coats. What do they want from me? They‘re looking me over. I try to let go of the terror, but I‘m so exhausted I fall back asleep. I wake up again in a different place. There‘s plenty of food, a bed to hide in, and cat friends. They tell me I was very lucky my aunt saved me. That they‘ve been staying with her for a while now, and they‘re having a blast. She takes perfect care of them and they get the best service from her. Well, I‘ll see if I decide to stay here.
I don‘t want to get too close to that woman just yet, you never know. My owner has let me down so much. My little soul is devastated that he left me. I won‘t let another human near my body! I hiss and growl at her nonstop.
The days go by and I find out that this woman is here every day. No matter how hard I try, she‘s still nice to me, wants to play with me, and feeds me. I think about letting her pet me. She keeps trying anyway... It‘s soooo perfect. I‘d forgotten how much I like cuddling. From now on, this woman, er, I mean Aunt Adéla, can grope me every minute of my life. Thank Adéla for not letting me stay there.“

Why am I writing this to you?
I was very lucky. Aunt Adéla cared about a poor little ball she found lying on the Prague ring road. Thanks to YOUR help, Adéla and her Tlapro association can help. They take care of almost 100 other homeless cats besides me. And it is a big responsibility to provide veterinary care for all of them.
They can‘t have no finances, because then it would cost lives and they wouldn‘t be able to take me in. So I thank YOU and them for my life.

Thank you for changing our fate and making our lives better 🙂

Your Vavřinec
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Vavřinec - the knocked-down cat sends greetings 👋. Physically, it is already much better 🙏. He's still skinny, but he's healthy and likes to eat 🥩😋.
But his little soul 😿 is worse, it will take much longer to heal. He constantly hisses and is so scared 🥺😓. A colleague has already dared to touch him, despite the hissing and growling, 💪, he won't hurt, but he's completely "wooden" and you can see that he's scared... 😓

News from a knocked-down cat from the Prague Circuit. The boy was named Lawrence, because this saint was probably watching over him on the day of the discovery. The good news is that he has at least started to eat a little. For now, however, it is still non-contact and reacts to humans with irritated growls and hisses. But we're hoping it's just from the head injury and the horror. 
‼️ Otherwise, the cat bit my colleague about 6 times during the rescue and she ended up having to have her hand treated by a human doctor (she was given first aid at the vet - thank you!).

Found a cat in Prague
We found a frightened cat curled up at the guardrails on the Prague Ring Road. We immediately took the cat to the vet in Nuslí, where they confirmed the assumption that he had been injured by a car. The cat has swelling around the muzzle and a concussion. He will recover in our temporary care.
Based on the location of the find (the circle near Jivin), we think that someone probably threw it away, but to be sure, we are looking for the owner:
We estimate the cost of caring for the cat to be more than 5,000 CZK :(
Thank you for every donation.

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