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To ensure veterinary care

Serious illnesses or serious injuries are always a life-threatening situation 😿 and in these situations we cannot and do not want to think about whether we will provide help to the cat because we do not have enough funds in the account. We are simply rescuers and the cat's life is the most important thing to us. So we are asking for your help with the payment of unplanned veterinary expenses so that we can help as much as possible and the best we can. Thank you very much 🙏❤️


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„I hit the hard ground, there is a lot of noise and movement everywhere. I have no idea what‘s going on or where I came from. It‘s a terrible place. I curl up in a ball and wait. Waiting to see if my owner will come back or if this is the end of me. I wait here for several long minutes. Suddenly I notice someone approaching me. I get scared. And I instinctively bite, several times. In the end, I‘m trapped anyway. Where are they taking me? Why are they locking me in that thing? I‘m too stressed and tired, I fall asleep. I wake up in a room with people in white coats. What do they want from me? They‘re looking me over. I try to let go of the terror, but I‘m so exhausted I fall back asleep. I wake up again in a different place. There‘s plenty of food, a bed to hide in, and cat friends. They tell me I was very lucky my aunt saved me. That they‘ve been staying with her for a while now, and they‘re having a blast. She takes perfect care of them and they get the best service from her. Well, I‘ll see if I decide to stay here. 
I don‘t want to get too close to that woman just yet, you never know. My owner has let me down so much. My little soul is devastated that he left me. I won‘t let another human near my body! I hiss and growl at her nonstop. 
The days go by and I find out that this woman is here every day. No matter how hard I try, she‘s still nice to me, wants to play with me, and feeds me. I think about letting her pet me. She keeps trying anyway... It‘s soooo perfect. I‘d forgotten how much I like cuddling. From now on, this woman, er, I mean Aunt Adéla, can grope me every minute of my life. Thank Adéla for not letting me stay there.“ 

Why am I writing this to you? 
I was very lucky. Aunt Adéla cared about a poor little ball she found lying on the Prague ring road. Thanks to YOUR help, Adéla and her Tlapro association can help. They take care of almost 100 other homeless cats besides me. And it is a big responsibility to provide veterinary care for all of them. 
They can‘t have no finances, because then it would cost lives and they wouldn‘t be able to take me in. So I thank YOU and them for my life. 

Thank you for changing our fate and making our lives better 🙂 

Your Vavřinec
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👋 Introducing Rozárka.
The cat wandered aimlessly around Prague's Nuslí, where she had no background 😿. And precisely because she was without regular feeding, without warmth and without veterinary care, in addition to being in a not very safe place for cats, we decided to take her into temporary care.
We were alerted to the cat by Mrs. Bára, who discovered Rozárka and brought her food for a few weeks. Rozárka seemed contactable.
Currently in temporary care, she has not yet dared, she is often hidden and observes everything from the hiding place of the closet 😼.
We are looking for a home for the cat 🏠. Rozárka will need patience and enough time to look around. So we are looking for someone who is often at home - preferably someone retired or someone who works from home. Don't you just need the company of this beautiful cat lady 😻?
✅ Estimated 5-7 years old
✅ Castrated
✅ FIV/FELV negative

A lady contacted us saying that there is an injured cat in Řepy. She was allegedly chased by a running dog. So the colleagues set out to catch the cat and for the second time managed to catch the cat and take it to the vet ⚕️ 👩.
It is an older cat (10+ years) with an open wound on the leg 🦶 and suspected cardiac arrhythmia.
For now, we are keeping the cat in temporary care and she is booked for feline cardiology and X-ray 👩‍⚕️.

🥳 Glory, I'm finally done with the dentist!
On Thursday, I lost all my remaining teeth 🦷 because I was already biting very badly and they were quite painful 😿. I was a little scared and didn't want to get caught at home, but it wasn't that bad after all. The last thing I remember is the doctor inserting such a knotted tube into the vein on my front paw and then suddenly I fell asleep like a log 😼. When I woke up at the vet, everyone around me immediately said with a smile: "Kryštof, everything is fine, you were very brave!" And so I fell asleep again with relief 😊. Now I've been home for a long time, I got my personal mini room for the time of recovery and medication. At least my other friends won't be stealing all the goodies from my bowl. I was also advised to take care of myself because my heart, kidneys and lungs are not in very good shape...
So I will live my retirement 👴 in the warmth of my home with maximum services and friendly service 😻.
I wish you a nice day, Kryštof 🐾.

Tri-colored cats are said to bring good luck. But Zuzanka herself has not had much luck so far. A few months ago, she appeared at Mrs. Helena's house in Prague, emaciated and disheveled. However, she stopped at the right door, because Helenka is a cat angel. She takes care of 9 homeless cats, whom she helps as best she can. She finances everything herself from her pension, which is barely enough for her.
But when she saw Zuzanka's condition, she immediately took the poor cat in her care and took her to the vet. Zuzanka was first treated for a cold, which, however, kept coming back. After that, several teeth were pulled, which could have caused relapses. And it wasn't until an X-ray that it was discovered that there was a foreign object in the cat's face, probably a bullet, which was causing the problems.
At this moment, Helenka turned to our organization, because she simply could not afford another surgery for the cat. All her savings fell on Zuzanky's previous treatment. Helena never asked for help, but she didn't want to leave Zuzanka to her fate. And since we know her from the "cat feeding world" and know how wonderfully she cares for cats, we decided to help her.
Zuzanka underwent surgery at our popular Nusle Veterinary Clinic, for which we thank the doctors very much! The procedure went well and the cat is slowly recovering. So let's hope that luck has finally smiled on this tricolor cat lady and no more troubles await her.

We took Kryštůvek from Olšan into temporary care.
It seemed to Adele that Kryštof was eating less and losing weight 😿. So we took him to the vet 👩‍⚕️, where they examined him completely. Blood 🩸, negative tests, sono abdomen. The result: he is a budding kidney patient, runny nose, scabies in his ears, his teeth 🦷 are only in his lower jaw and most of them are very bad 🙄.
Kryštůfek is kind, if a little apathetic, he handled the blood sampling perfectly. He's eating less so far, but he's confused by the change.
At the end of the year, Kryštůfek underwent a cat cardiology examination and X-ray ⚕️ 👩. His little heart is beating quite well 🙏, but his lungs don't look the best 😿, which is not such a surprise given his age and the way he has lived outside so far. 💪 In any case, the vets and I will try to make him live the rest of his life as comfortably as possible 😽.

💬 We are neutering the gardener's colony in Bohnice. Mrs. Jana, who is the president of the local gardeners' association, decided to solve the cat colony 🌳.
Jana is amazing and her procedure for solving the situation around abandoned cats is truly exemplary 🙏. She did not turn a blind eye to the problem of uncastrated animals living in gardens. Nor did she issue meaningless and, above all, illegal decisions about banning the feeding of cats. Jana decided to solve the situation 💪 by castrating the local animals. Castration guarantees a better life for the cats and mainly prevents their unwanted reproduction 🙏. This is how conscious people in the 21st century deal with the situation. We have provided treatment against internal and external parasites and castration program Feliti reimbursement of castrations.

Thank you very much to Jana, she is a woman with a heart in the right place ♥ .

Nudlík the cat - 🐈 from the gardening colony in Trója. His feeder noticed that he wasn't quite fit 😿. You can probably imagine from his name that he was bothered by noodles and also coughed a lot 🤧. We provided a vet for the cat 👩‍⚕️

Vavřinec - the knocked-down cat sends greetings 👋. Physically, it is already much better 🙏. He's still skinny, but he's healthy and likes to eat 🥩😋.
But his little soul 😿 is worse, it will take much longer to heal. He constantly hisses and is so scared 🥺😓. A colleague has already dared to touch him, despite the hissing and growling, 💪, he won't hurt, but he's completely "wooden" and you can see that he's scared... 😓

News from a knocked-down cat from the Prague Circuit. The boy was named Lawrence, because this saint was probably watching over him on the day of the discovery. The good news is that he has at least started to eat a little. For now, however, it is still non-contact and reacts to humans with irritated growls and hisses. But we're hoping it's just from the head injury and the horror. 
‼️ Otherwise, the cat bit my colleague about 6 times during the rescue and she ended up having to have her hand treated by a human doctor (she was given first aid at the vet - thank you!).

Found a cat in Prague
We found a frightened cat curled up at the guardrails on the Prague Ring Road. We immediately took the cat to the vet in Nuslí, where they confirmed the assumption that he had been injured by a car. The cat has swelling around the muzzle and a concussion. He will recover in our temporary care.
Based on the location of the find (the circle near Jivin), we think that someone probably threw it away, but to be sure, we are looking for the owner:
We estimate the cost of caring for the cat to be more than 5,000 CZK :(
Thank you for every donation.

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