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Help for Ukraine

I am not alone at birth

Czech doula association supports pregnant women fleeing from war in Ukraine. These women go through difficult times and need our support and we doulas are ready to help with open hearts.

we started on 2022-04-22

Thank you for helping pregant women fleeing the war in Ukraine!


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Help offered in project I am not alone at birth is offered for free during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Doulas offer their support to women and their families with great amount of respect and care.

Pregnant women need:

  • Peace and support
  • High quality and safe care
  • Trust
  • Assurance
  • Accompaniment
As doulas of the Czech Doula Association, we help women orient themselves in what awaits them during childbirth. We help them find their own way to experience childbirth positively, to find confidence in their own ability to give birth to a baby. These women need the highest level of support, belonging, kindness.

We help women from Ukraine:
  • Not to carry the trauma of war to childbirth
  • Find confidence in their body and approach childbirth with peace
  • Communicate with Czech staff 
  • Learn to take care of a baby
  • We support women in breastfeeding and postpartum period

Help pay for the care provided by our doulas. These are mainly travel costs, partial reimbursement of labor, printing promotional materials so that women from Ukraine know where they can go.

Thank you! With the contribution, you will take the first step in helping pregnant women from Ukraine.

The fund received after the end of this project will be used by the Czech Doula Association for activities aimed at supporting doulas.
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Milé duly, jste skvělé!

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