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Day at the Zoo for the women at Amadeus shelter

At FriendShip Prague we do our best to not only provide our homeless friends with food and necessities, but also to brighten their days by spending quality time and sharing experiences with them. That being said, we are excited to announce our first official day trip to the Prague Zoo! On Sunday May 29, we are planning a one day trip for the women living at the Amadeus shelter. It will be a day spent together filled with animals, fun, and smiles. It’s not often that these women are able to do something just for fun and with your help, we can change that. Your kindness and contributions will be able to provide the women with: * Round-trip transportation from the shelter to the zoo * Entry tickets to the park * Lunch at one of the park restaurants * A small souvenir to remember the day THANK YOU for your support and generosity!

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Day at the Zoo for the women's at Amadeus shelter

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Will be a great day!

Kristin Cooklin
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Have fun and enjoy our cousins animals

mario ristoratore
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Thank you for all you do ❤🙏

Karina Bolan
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